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You wanna have fun, but don't want to drive let trinity transportation took care of you. And please don't drink and drive. The where the outside is. But the. Life and since we've no place. Let's let's. Oh, man. It doesn't show signs of stop Brian. Brian blessed, our executive producer and DJ. Look at him coming up. Big like, yeah. You love Christmas music love Christmas music. And I don't know if you've told us about me. Okay. Here's another shot. Confession. I'm being sincere. I think the Dean Martin is the coolest human being ever lived in the history of the world in the history of the world. He's the coolest hundreds and hundreds of millions of years, however, old earth really is. Okay. I think the Dean Martin is the coolest human me. Now. Jason Clark is number two. Yeah. Dean Martin to me. And I hope Jason can understand that. I'm going with Dean Martin. I I love Dean Martin. I just think Dean Martin is like the coolest dude of an and Jason Clark has more days. Like he's had today. He oh, look he's down there with a shovel right down there. Sleepy works. He's he's going to town. And in shoveling the snow off the end zone, so keys. He heard your remark, and he wants to be number one in your list. But he's still got a little ways to go. But he's getting there. Can I listen to this? Josh, okay. The season's over a couple of weeks before Christmas. Josh, why don't you come over? I know your birthday's coming up. We want to have a birthday dinner for you. I mean, I have a little barbecue. With a couple of special guests Dean Martin Jason Clark, you and me. That would be awesome eating barbecue together. Yeah. Yeah. That'd be fantastic. And then my only request is is to have coach Bryan there too. And coach, Bryan. We I know here would appreciate that. And he he loved that. You can bring coach Bryan outbreak. Colonel sanders. All right. Elsewhere in the gliac today, a number eight grand valley state knocks off Davenport by a score of nineteen to fourteen northern Michigan. It was can't time up in Marquette. They knockoff Lawrence tech by a score of sixty five to seven we'll see northern Michigan in a couple of weeks here in the home finale, number two state knocks off Saginaw valley. By a score of twenty eight to fourteen we make that trip to big Rapids next week to take on fair estate Ashland knocks off Michigan tech by a score of twenty seven to seven. Don't you? Go anywhere..

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