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Birdies Sounding all around this group. Has, been stunningly silent in these holes Ricky. For his fifth consecutive power and, this will be the longest one this is fifteen feet right back down the hill. Stanton over strokes down the hill holds just finish. Good pace. On this is this is there you go. Something yell about it's par But it could be one of those. Momentum's building pars Dustin Johnson has a six footer for his fifth par as well Johny, these guys need to get something going I mean they'll, birdies really for this group I mean that's a great par safe but now they've got to get it going under par Yes, John Dustin Johnson after his ship. Up to, the Green Left him outside, of six feet here so he also has a tester This one is. Going to be up to here Zebra with a different stripes that's when you. Have to hit very firmly to maintain the line Dustin they. Missed one shorter than this for party back at the last hole So now To stay at seven under right hand on. The putter now both ends on the putter press forward and strokes it up, the hill, the whole they. Pulled it Dustin Johnson MRs that that's gonna he's going to market from fun half because. He'll be standing at Charles Schwartz was line meanwhile the bright spot charged Schwartzman, has inside, ten feet for Let's look at his in just a second but Dustin Johnsons putter letting him down so far today that talked about how he. Switched, to the putter he's using now the the mini.

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