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Ricky stenhouse rusty wallace up here moran booth you got us all right currently having some problems getting a hold of ricky stenhouse has a little bit on his mind right now trying to get back out there and show the way in this race ricky yeah we're watching your car but you got a really strong car again but little damage on that right front fender looks like the guy's got most of it smoothed out were you feeling that or bothering you or what about the little maybe tire up there so we ran a law case was the happen have far to go there but it's been obviously evaporates so far for us at the start of of other those rags so we've got to stage with eighty go finish at all for everybody a fifth third are fans and all the forecasts as well you got a really fast car buddy there's no doubt about that if i can give you any advice i just tell you the check it off and go get him because that's what you gotta do there's no doubt about that thanks for talking to us thank you rickie lines up back in the fifteenth position for the restart still going to be another lap or two before we get back onto the green flag and i think ricky put it well there jeff it's been a very eventful night a racing so far well he is piling up the stage points and here's what's interesting if he could go ahead and finish this thing off he has got an opportunity to jump from outside the top sixteen well into position and it really put himself in good shape could be a huge points night we talked about that a little bit earlier ricky stenhouse on his way of course cap off with a win and talk about a big night you'll you know one thing i noticed sodas listener to his voice he's upset he doesn't like what's happening is i two rex he knows he's been in the middle of those things and he's been real quiet to do that last interview with us as a driver to another driver i can tell when somebody's bugged he's bugged right now i i met when i said he's gonna have to shake it off and get that behind him i'm sure it's teams helping them without also running under caution here at daytona steel was seventy six laps to go ty dillon clint boyer alex bowman casey cain ryan newman that's the.

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