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The last caller had mentioned that he was twenty five years old and all he's done is dealt with Tom Brady. This is. It's pretty insane. So my oldest by the way, my kids are my step kids. I'm not the chlorine in there. Gene pool. But my sixteen year old soon to be seventeen on tax day. So he was born in two thousand and two. And he is sixteen years old and tomorrow he's going to his fourth Super Bowl. Now that is nuts and think about how many of you across the country. Are of. Much much much much older than sixteen. And you haven't had a sniff at one or your team went one time, and you weren't able to go. The kid is the kids pretty blessed? There's a lot of Super Bowl member billion our house and some of it is for me and my time on the patriots radio network as well. But. I mean, my my youngest is this'll be his second and the one that he went to was the last one that I called on the radio network, which was the Malcolm Butler interception. So he would have been what? Head in a little over ten years old. I guess maybe eleven and he the the one Super Bowl that he's been to was the Malcolm Butler one I'll tell you what in two thousand seven when the patriots were undefeated. I made. A little friendly wager with Jonathan Kraft, and I told him I said now, what are you guys going? You're going to be amazing this year, and we ended up I said, okay. Gimme access for Subaru. Tickets thinking that I could buy them. And you know, what he ended up giving him to me. And I took my dad who was a coal miner, western Pennsylvania grunting. My best friends, and my brother. And that was really that was amazing that you know for me anyway. Figuring out how to get my father to a Super Bowl, regardless of who was playing probably meant more to me than anything. I've done in broadcasting. But he was there for maybe the greatest Super Bowl ever because of the the record that was on the line for the patriots. It's pretty insane. I mean going is a really special deal. I've never gone to one and just been a fan. I've always been working, and let me tell you from a working standpoint. Like everybody thinks radio row, you're hanging out there the Super Bowl their love those people who were there that were on a plane Friday afternoon coming home, they weren't staying there for the game. And you do more work in the media whenever you're down on radio row than you would do back home just sort of doing your regular shows and whatnot. But it's pretty amazing that it's three in a row for New England, and who knows will turn into foreign row because the one thing that we did here last week was the tar this week is Tom Brady is not retiring after this game. I mean, just for one. I'm I'm coming to the phones in a minute. But just think about having so much like swag and stroke. Tom Brady is at a level to where most dudes who are married to women who look like Giselle bunching. I think a lot of them would would ultimately have caved by now. Because it's like, oh my God. Like, she's so ridiculously good looking good in every way. Why would I not listen to her and at some point hanging up like magin just being able to like look at her as his wife and be like sorry. I gotta I gotta do this. And and she's still like begging on national television for Tom Brady. To walk away from the game. And he's like, no, I know you're going to stay with me, and you'll be fine and just one more year bay one more year. Right. He continues to push it. It's amazing. This guy Ritchie is in Wisconsin. As we head back to the phones at eight five five two one two four CBS rich, you're next on the gresh show CBS sports radio. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Thanks for taking my call, man. Really just stuff. That's awesome. Thank you. I appreciate that. Everything has to go through Claremont. Dash darn it. Belt. Coaches and quarterbacks, but that's another topic. But you know, being a Green Bay Packer fan. I'm more jealous and hitting the patriots sixty years old, Ben through a lot friends was almost one of my friends with person Sabri of Packer for flavor and stuff but not quarterbacks and two Super Bowls that we won. I mean, it's incredible. Brady's worries that I personally he's gonna do it again because it's just too good. When he gets a couple of weeks, and I think this year the the patriots defense is getting the credit they deserve their tough. But girly two weeks ago, he dropped the wedding cake. He's got a lot to prove in the only other part on the whole deal was would be if girly goes off and early has one of those games, you know, like like running back can and carries that team. And they ended up win the Super Bowl. I didn't get that would be that'd be all right too. But it is for taking my call and good luck patriots fan Richie. Thank you. I love Ritchie's of dropped the wedding cake. I haven't heard a while. That's a very funny line Tharoor girly. He's one of the wild cards in this game. If we're going to be real about it does anybody really have a true understanding of why Todd Gurley wasn't as productive in the NFC championship game. And there's sort of this. I don't know. It's almost like a mystery around him. I was very surprised that he didn't get thrown in there until late in that dry in the fourth quarter. When they were driving down to tie that game. And then it was a lot of C, J Anderson, but girly is a wild card in this one. They're there to offense players that are wildcards in this game one is Sony Michelle and the other one's Todd Gurley. I think both running backs because what Sony Michelle they don't throw him the ball much. But bet your ass. He's going to have at least one catch in the Super Bowl. They're going to run a screen his way. And if Todd Gurley is right and gets rolling early. He can have a Quan Barclay type impact in terms of just truck, and fools and running people over. That Todd Gurley piece. Definitely makes New England nervous. I'll tell you that having been up here all week and taking calls from people and just having a vibe is to wear the locals are at they're scared of Todd Gurley and rightfully so final chance for you to get in with me. Eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven any aspect of the Super Bowl. You wanna get into? Let's get into it. As we head to the top of the hour. And Jodi MAC is coming up next on many of these same CBS sports radio stations. But right now, let's get updated on everything in the world of sports. Here's Greg concern..

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