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You know, in a lot of ways boat was almost a one and done before one and done existed. He was always on the cutting edge in out front. And and that's you know, I had never thought of it that way, but there's a lot of truth to that. You know, the kinds of of great players he recruited would into today's world probably be one in Duns. And and the the fact that both kind of said, you know, his message was he L always wanted to be out front, and who knows so L L, maybe all for it. I wouldn't understand the first thing about assembling building in east sports program. I know that you're learning about it. Now, what kind of where do you find a coach for east Ford's team? Is it a team that? Needs a coach. Yes, it is a team that needs to coach and when you asked about scholarships. That's that's where I had started to go, you know, before deciding on on how many and who they go to and how we recruit them step. One really is getting a coach board who does understand gaming and does understand the nuances of it and can in all honesty, educate us as to how to go about that. And and you know, what kind of level of support is needed from scholarship standpoint, we do know that we've got to build an e arena. Now, you know, that's not a ten thousand C building. But it is a place where our team can practice on state of the art computer equipment. And also be watched that that's the thing that's striking to me is how many people actually want to watch high end east sports players play the games. I that's mind boggling to me. But it's real. Yes. So how big arena would we be talking about now? Well, in our case, we'd be talking probably fifteen to twenty computer stations. And then. And then space around them for people to in essence, look over their shoulders and watch them play. Now, you know, the other beauty of this is it's all online. So a lot of the viewers are actually watching online. Although again when championships are held at the garden. They sell it out for two three nights in a row to mazing. I should probably know this, but Arthur or their TV contracts for collegiate east sports gaming already not not on the collegiate side at all. There is a website called twitch, which is where most of e gaming lives online that they and that's barely. Yeah. And that's and that's the site that most people go to to view it. And and I don't know what you know there. They're certainly could be TV contracts at the professional level. I'm not aware of any yet at the college level will it's a brave new world, of course. And we joined by Bill show. He's the AD at Marquette, which is creating a D one probably scholarship. Level e gaming program. It's fascinating to me the way these things are going up. Thank you for discussing it with us Bill. We hope to check in with you in the future and see how things are going. Absolutely. Jeremy thanks again for your time. I really appreciate the opportunity I'm Jeremy shop, and you can listen to new editions of the sporting life every Saturday and Sunday morning on ESPN radio and ESPN app beginning at six AM eastern time..

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