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Now first in fifteen back at their own forty one just under three minutes to play the third the protests trailing twenty eight to seven look good Washington team. think whistles flags and it's usually either a time out or a bad thing. probably a delay game. first twenty drive off of the Audi models you always want to get behind the wheel of yours today or southern California Audi dealers proud partners of the U. S. C. Trojans. we'll be off next week chance for some of the guys to get healthy. will we see Andrew Horry's be healthy enough to fungal coming back probably like the Griffin maybe even shorten the SFO when Essie plays in south bend in two weeks Trojans did not get penalized because they. plane that they called a time out. Russ maybe bailing out on that one possibly. and so the time out is called a thirty second effort. Messi will go back to work first fifteen this is a lot different at the B. Y. you on the road you feel like you're getting. gonna be that one there in the game we got a ball game back and forth you hope not to leave it behind as of this film get right to it a little bit so your trip to go to find a way to get this ballroom right direction this back to the situation we'll see a pretty good game about October the nineteenth here on homecoming Saturday when Washington post's Oregon. now back to that for the northern division championship and a spot in the pac twelve final first fifteen car big yard it's coming around the fifteenth to the hit hard at the forty five and died slower to the forty forty make all fifteen of them. were first down USC car all the sudden. it's a big yard if you're the second half but he got the first down yeah I pace around in their room to run tennis starts on the front side of the plane had a week causes way watches the the difference in the kind of cuts back to the.

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