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John Aaron. And I'm Michelle bash. Teddy gellman is our producer. The top story we're following tempers flared, and they were accusations of a cover up after the loudoun county school board voted against releasing to the public and independent report of how the school system handled two sexual assault assaults against students. A majority of the school board voted yesterday to keep the report under wraps, citing attorney client privilege and student privacy. Some parents have been calling on the board to release the report for months saying they want to details on what school leaders knew and when calls to release the findings came after a separate grand jury report found school leaders were generally incompetent in responding to the assaults, one student was accused of two sexual assaults at two different schools. The teenage boy was later convicted in juvenile court in order to stay in a treatment facility until he turns 18. Now, former Latin school superintendent Scott ziegler and school spokesman wade bayard were both indicted by that special grand jury. Now, one of the defendants is worried he won't get a fair trial. It's a story you're hearing first on WTO. Governor Glenn youngkin and attorney general Jason Millar's have tainted the entire jury pool, according to wade bayard's lawyer, attorney Jennifer loeffler writes that the governor and AG have often referred to loud and residents as being victims of a cover up and that their children were in danger. Since bayard is the school spokesman, that suggests he personally failed to inform parents of the alleged assaults. She says Virginia law insists that jurors not have a stake in the case they're hearing, she's filed a change of venue motion asking bayard's case be tried in fairfax county. And in an interview with WTO, attorney general Jason Millar's is defending the probe you can read more about it at WTO P dot com. At Michigan state university we're learning more about the three students who were killed in Monday's mass shooting. Police identified those killed as junior Ariel Anderson, an aspiring pediatrician. Sophomore, Brian Fraser, president of his fraternity, and junior Alexandria Werner, an athlete whose positivity changed lives. Campus police say the gunman had no affiliation with the university and they're still looking for a motive. Authorities say 43 year old Anthony McRae began his rampage at berkey hall, killing two and injuring several others. He then went to the student union, killing one more. McRae later died of a self inflicted gunshot wound during a confrontation with police. That is CBS News correspondent Erica moche in east Lansing in addition to those killed 5 others were critically wounded in the mass shooting. A 19 year old white supremacist is said to be sentenced to life in prison today for killing ten black people and a buffalo supermarket last year. It was an attack fueled by racist conspiracy theories that the shooter found online. Peyton rather pleaded guilty in November to charges, including murder and domestic terrorism motivated by hate, the terrorists of charge carries an automatic life sentence, gendron wore bullet resistant armor and a helmet equipped with a live streaming camera during that attack on May 14th. He used a semi-automatic rifle that was bought legally, but then modified it so he could load it with high capacity magazines which are illegal in New York. Rare and in some cases never before publicly seen video of a dive through the wreckage of the Titanic as being released today. You can see it on the Woods hole oceanographic institution YouTube channel. There's more than 80 minutes of footage of the dive in 1986, which marks marked the first time human eyes had seen the giant ocean liner since it sank in 1912. The released footage is in conjunction with the 25th anniversary release of the remastered version of the Academy Award winning movie, Titanic. And I will be looking up that footage when I get off the air, I definitely want to see that. Yeah, I want to see it too. And I saw the movie again over the weekend. In 3D for some reason, it didn't really seem to add anything to the experience, but you know, I guess it's a novelty. But you enjoyed it. I did. I didn't think I would, but I did. My wife wanted to go and I was a good sport, and I actually enjoyed it. That is so cool. Yeah. Well, coming up on WTO after traffic and weather will tell you about lingering concerns about contaminated air after a freight train derailment in Ohio. It's 8 36. Okay, let's see what's news today. The

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