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Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for the man of a million nicknames. I suppose of our whole semester. Talk is Jericho. Mama don't kiss me. Welcome to talk is Jericho is the part of thunder and rock and roll. If you haven't booked your cabin yet for Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling ranger at C four leaf clover, you still have time. Still a few cabins left at Chris Jericho cruise dot com. We set self February 2nd and for the first time ever, we're going to our own private island grand stirrup K so come hang with me a pretty stacked up lineup of talent as well. AW is going to be there. We got comedy and music Raven the band fozzie's gonna be there Quiet Riot royal bliss fozzie's doing three shows, like I said, I'll be doing live podcasts. Dave Schrader of the paranormal 60 will be hosting some live paranormal experiences and stories. Maybe he'll even tell us about the ghosts of devil's perch. We just heard about that last week. It's a great time to vacation of a lifetime. So come hang with us, book your cabin. Now, Chris Jericho Cruz dot com. All right, you guys know I went to the UK earlier this year to do the Chris Jericho chronicles, one man shows. There's a different theme each night. We had a great time telling stories and hanging out with everybody. So I thought I'd share another one of those great shows with you today. This one's live in Glasgow, and the theme was all things AEW. We talked about my AEW career to date from the moment I signed with AEW to our first dynamite to winning the AEW world championship to our most recent blood and guts taking that giant swing from Claudio cast technology from the top of the steel cage. It was terrifying. You hear behind the scenes stories with the formation of the inner circle and the Jericho appreciation society and who was originally supposed to be in each faction. I'll talk about orange Cassidy and the mimosa mayhem, MJF, the dinner debonair, you hear why it didn't work more closely with jungle boy and what happened with my original plans with Eddie Kingston. I got stories with AEW pandemic shows, a little bit of the bubbly, Cody rose, Jake Hager, Nick Gage, so much more all about my time in AEW the best wrestling company in the world today and it starts right here right now on talk

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