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Only had three sterile C-section kids because of the experiences with Maria the experience was in grain into our psyche. And I say that we have like community DST now that we leave. No, just huricane, but the aftermath the. Complete disruption of the power greed. Everybody's concerned. And a now we know that we need to be ready for these. That story was reported by Irena genre. And it was made possible in part by the fund for environmental journalism of the society of environmental journalists. Our episode is about the impact of pregnancy and motherhood on women's health. And we asked all of you to share your thoughts on this topic. Here's another recording. We received. Hello. My name is Joanna footmen age thirty eight. Yes, I'm thirty eight. I'm a mom and a wife, but I am a mom of two. Sweet boys aged six and sixteen month old was my first one. I'm early thirties averages raring to go ahead energy. And then my husband, and I we waited a little bit longer until we had our second, son. Say hi. My youngest Jeremiah a high. Jeremiah was a difficult pregnancy. And he was harder. My body. He was also heavier than his brother, but I know after head Jeremiah, I think Tron adept having kids and keeping up with my six year old son and trying to be a mom to infant even though you have all the help in the world kids. Look, the mommy, and both my kids are very attached to their mother, which is a blessing and curse things such a blessing. Are you a blessing? Say yes. Plastic. So it's still taking me. I mean, he's almost two and I'm still trying to found. I'm having him almost two years ago. I had knee problems after I had him feet problems, and generally a healthy person. But it took my body a little bit longer to heal because with my boys. I keep them their motivations for me. My husband get up in the morning, even if they are the ones looking at us interface and standing on her head or screaming into monitor the point of it is. Yes, as if it hasn't affected me, of course. But there's a stop me no way because I am a mother, and that's what I'm here for. That's show for this week. The pulse is a production of WHYY in Philadelphia. Our health and science reporters are Alan you bliss tongue jets Lehman and Steph yet, Jillian Harris is our intern. Charlie higher is our engineer. Lindsey Lazar skis. Our producer, Tanya English is our editorial director, I Mike and Scott. Thank you for listening. Behavioral health reporting on the pulse is supported by the Thomas, scattered good behavioral health foundation, an organization that is committed.

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