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Senator Bill Nelson, Judge Mark Walker, Fraud discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


At this hour in Florida the election there nearly two weeks later is finally finally drawing to close counties finish their recounts and had to submit final vote tallies by noon, Andrew gillum, the democratic candidate for governor conceded last night to his GOP opponent and democratic Senator Bill Nelson's chances of staying in the Senate have become almost no he did not appear to overcome the twelve thousand votes separate him from his Republican opponent. Rick Scott joining us now is Mitchell burger special counsel for the Florida Democratic Party. He represented former Vice President Al gore in lawsuits following the two thousand elections. Welcome to the program. Well, thank you, Mr. burger, you seem to be a glutton for punishment. Now. A second recount eighteen years later may I ask you a Senator Nelson ready to concede. I am not intimate to what's turn opens plans are in that regard your lead. In was correct. The recount right now has not shown that the under votes for the people who fail to vote in the United States Senate have helped him to overcome the margin that he needed to achieve. It's fair to say, I guess that. It doesn't look good for Senator Bill Nelson. These recounts seem to have changed little, but there have been dozens of lawsuits the election was also marked by a lack of favorable court rulings for the democratic side, and the judge Judge Mark Walker did say that the state has a quote important interest in delineating finality in elections. Meaning, you know, these elections have to end at some point. It's been a bruising saga juicy his point. Oh, I think there is a point to having finality in elections. But the undercover story is there was a recount going on and the sector cultures race in which the Democrats cheap success and in the state court rulings. There were many successful rulings in the secretary of agriculture race. So certainly understand George Walker's point, and certainly understand that what the national story has been the. In the second most important race in statewide race in Florida. The Democrats won the sector vac culture as that post in a recount that post regulates guns and water in our state, and those are the two biggest issues prior to the election of current. I have to get your reaction to something GOP candidate. Rick Scott made accusations of fraud along with Senator Marco Rubio. And the president added to that do you think Floridians are going to have confidence in their elections going forward? Well, again, the judge in the judge not just judge Walker, but every judgeship faced the these litigations many of which were brought by governor Scott. Said there was no fraud in this election. It is it is part of the unfortunate card Republican Trump narratives, and I don't wish to be personal about this. But to tear down our systems, there was no fraud of this election. There were specific findings that there were no no fraud in this election, and that was covered widely for a couple of days during the last week. And I think that is probably the most important court findings that were Kurt. There was no fraud in the election. That's Mitchell burger special counsel for the Florida Democratic Party. Thank you very much. Thank you for.

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Senator Bill Nelson, Judge Mark Walker, Fraud discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday

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