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It was weird man it was kind of odu it looked very new orleans nobody there few tables said what do you want said you gotta menu nope that's it up there as china explained to i i don't really get it it just says the chicken seven dollars a pound i said you casual only said oh yeah as is well that gays gimme all i whenever i can give a ten bucks because that's all the cash ahead what what are you want i don't know gimme chicken and some sausage pancakes i'll make your plate and it turned out he did take credit cards he just didn't want to but he took the ten bucks boxy said i'll give you deal just give me a ten bucks and it was a paper plate full of just heaping with chicken and beef barbecued you'd it didn't you didn't get a knife he didn't supply with the knife he didn't need a knife and a saying there on the wall was you don't need no teeth to eat out meet and in fact you did and it was delicious with some sort of potato salad and beans and it was just a big lump uh iin a plate and if the whole experience was exactly what i had hoped it would be i do have a photo op posted for you to see and all the time i mean i can hear those guys yucca had up outside and i left and he said come back next time to can't stay so long and they all laughed i laughed as well and that was that so next and wanted to go to to uh the area known as 6th street east which had learned the night before was the cool part of six treat and that involved another other few miles were on a couple of miles anyway walking that's all right i saw that got a second wind due to the barbecue made it down to the 6th street 6th street east than eternally different thing the 6th street west.

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