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Saturday afternoon against the Minnesota wild. Steve Somers on duty waiting to take over and take your phone calls following the New Jersey Highway Traffic Safety post game show. Well, the real story here, and I it won't get lost. It will end in a disappointing fashion for Cory Schneider. But it is performance. Each game is a chapter in an eighty two game book, and this one will enter as laws the devil's will have picked up a point but not have picked up the victory. And that's why you play the game. And that's what pushes these players, regardless of the circumstances. The devils finding themselves with the second fewest points in the National Hockey League. While the islanders are at this point comfortably it a playoff spot. But Cory Schneider. His situation is going to be the story that should come out of this one. It was by far his best performance in a long long time certainly this season. Now the regular season drought continues. He still hasn't won a game in the regular season. Since the temp December twenty seventh of 2017, but while his record falls to five two this season. This is a performance out of which he can take an awful lot, particularly confidence. He looked very much like the Cory Schneider of all the core. Schneider that the devils acquired from Vancouver the Cory Schneider. Even of the first half of last year when he went seventeen at six out of the gate, but not the Cory Schneider. Certainly we saw earlier this year. So that certainly is reason to have optimism because he's got three years left on that contract at six million per Keith can cage a free agent at the end of this season MacKenzie Blackwood has shown that he is capable and can play the National Hockey League. And the devils have learned the lesson this year if you don't have adequate to good goaltending. You don't have a chance to put yourself in a playoff picture. And so we will see what happens next for Corey whether or not he'll start on Saturday against Minnesota or Sunday afternoon. Both games here at prudential center on Sunday. It'll be Carolina that comes a calling. But he will get one of those two starts at he'll look to build on what he did today as eco. He sure told us in the. The second intermission interview. Devils had played well, they were really pleased by corey's play at that point certainly throughout the game. But what they wanted to do as a team is getting that victory. Get that extra goals. We could skied off with that width. Didn't happen came close close doesn't count a lot of things in life. It doesn't count in the National Hockey League. Certainly, but it was a big performance tonight for Cory Schneider and an important one one bit of a down note is that miles would was injured in the second period and did not return to the lineup. So we'll have to keep an eye on what the situation is their use it a bit of a collision lost at age of fell. It was in the defensive zone fell and landed on his right side came up wincing went to the locker did not return. Whether it was a wrist elbow shoulder something on the left side of his body upper body caused him to miss the rest of the game. But we do recall that not too long ago this season. It looked like. He had really suffered a bad injury against Chicago. He was only on the shelf for brief period of time. We'll see what the story is. But that right now, the only negative siphoned result. Again, you do played this game to wait. But from a personnel standpoint. That's the one thing that will have to keep an eye on. All right. Let's check the out of town scoreboard. It is presented by Premio sausage sausage. Real Italian sausage should be a very busy night in the National Hockey League games all around the schedule as we check out that scoreboard is going to refresh things in a moment. And while we wait for the refresh. Why don't we do this? We'll take time out. We'll come back. Listen to some highlights check that out of town scoreboard and get you caught up on things around the National Hockey League. Devils lose tonight in the shootout by a score of two to one..

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