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Out traffic watch we you have an accident it's a julius chefs freeway northbound at lbj free way the wbap forecast says tonight mostly clear the low should be fifty eight now tomorrow a few clouds here they're the law i will be seventy seven friday night partly cloudy low of sixty four right now seventy six of love field the news is brought to you by structure foundation repairs president donald trump is praising the roll out of the gop his tax reform plan in a tweet he wrote the lobbyists are storming capitol hill but republicans will hold strong and do what is right for america republican lawmakers introduced though more than 400 page bill earlier today that could lower the corporate tax rate and simplify the personal code now the president's twitter account went offline for a little over ten minutes this evening initially it was said trump's feed was inadvertently deactivated due to a human error but a couple of hours later twitter now his saying the after they did further investigation that at twitter customer support implore he did it intentionally on the employees last day or one person is dead after a house fire and cohen county a fire marshal's office says the a small home and lucas just used to balance was totally destroyed by flames there was fully engulfed when they arrived no one else was reported injured the case of that fire is being investigated again clear skies overnight low kinda cool round 58 degrees tomorrow partly cloudy and a high in the ladies right now it's 70 six degrees in fort worth the chris correct program continues next rambler wbap.

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