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We have the reds caravan kicking off on the seventeenth coming to a town near you. Going in all directions. I'm sure they'll be in here on the seventeenth one out where they're going, but the whole thing culminates at the Florence mall on Sunday the twentieth which time the doors will open at nine A, N Q and A with all the players and more and. I can't think of another ball club that does this or at least would have the reach that. The Cincinnati Reds. Do the western swing hits to Muncie, Evansville, Indiana, and Batesville averaging most cases to stops a day. The northern tour goes to Columbus to Lima to Dayton to Hamilton. And then eventually all end up as in Florence as I said, the south tour is Louisville Nashville, bowling green and Lexington before being back to Florence. And then when you go east of Athens, Charleston, Parkersburg Huntington and Florence and for some reason. Have been playing the way they've been playing us. They'll get geared up for red season in part because it means it's getting warmer. I think but. And still I mean, even when they're playing poorly. I will go to reds games Bengals games. No. It's a shrug but reds games. Even if they're playing poorly you go because it's just something different about a baseball game. You have to pay attention. You have to you take in baseball game as we say, you don't really take in a basketball game or taking a football game. But. Yeah. Start getting pumped just thinking about it. All right. So I had these numbers. I didn't have a chance to get to yesterday. And this goes to the whole idea that the the country supposedly is divided us to. You know, the elites on the coast and the rubes in the middle of the country, and how it's really not that way that actually the people in the middle of the country are in many cases are better off financially than the people who live in the larger cities on the coast. They have plenty of certainly crime in cities on the coast better than they used to be, but they have crime and poverty to for somehow, though, we we wear the mantle in the mid west of. Being the uneducated rubes and actually education is the one area where there is a difference. But if you don't need the education to make a good living than the reasons why you didn't pursue it. So anyway, by most measures other than education median households in small town, America tend to be doing at least as well as counterparts in the urban coastal areas congressional districts voted Republican and two thousand sixteen and eighteen tend to have higher median incomes than those that went democratic in both years for some reason. People think the the wealthy have have all gone to the democratic side. And no, they haven't they studied forty five of the fifty states in detail. Twenty eight have a lower share of significant poverty in small towns than in cities. Fifteen of them have higher. Median household income in small towns than in cities. They said share would certainly be higher. If you adjusted the income for the cost of living. I haven't even done that which is certainly much lower in small towns than it is in coastal cities, forty of the forty five states studied have lower unemployment rates in small towns than in cities. So why we have this myth out there that? Cities are the place to be it's where the money is. It's where the good life is. And it's really it's quite untrue. Outside of small town into rural America, it's still about the same in the mid Atlantic region. Ninety percent of all communities with fewer than five thousand people voted Republican in two thousand sixteen home ownership in those rates in those areas is seventy three percent compared with on average. Thirty two percent of New York. Fifty two percent in Philadelphia. So out where the poorest people are in some cases twice as many people own their home as do in New York. Fifty eight percent of rural communities have a higher. Median household income. Then the biggest city in their state. So that would be comparison Philadelphia. If it's Pennsylvania rural Pennsylvania has higher median income than Philadelphia does same with rural New York and New York City rural Virginia and Washington. Ninety six percent of rural communities voted Republican in two thousand sixteen. They all show similar trends. And there are a lot of areas. I mean, the numbers are actually pretty close in a lot of areas when it comes to income inequality in Philadelphia. The income distribution is remarkably similar to that of small Pennsylvania towns. Three percent of Philadelphia residents make over two hundred thousand dollars. But so do two point one percent of small town Pennsylvanians fourteen percent of Philadelphians make less than ten thousand dollars. Only eight percent of those in small towns too. So you're making better money in the same holds true for Pittsburgh in New York City. The one area. That's different does come down to education where people in small towns have less education than people in major cities. Then again to make a good living in a small town. You don't necessarily need the same level of education as you do if you live in a city bottom line is there's a stereotype of two America's. And it's a stereotype that doesn't fit when you get down to look at the numbers, it it does not fit that the coastal cities. And those in the middle actually have more in common. Then the differential. It's no one's gonna pay attention to that. It'll all fall apart. In fact, I would you know, we'll give this to Greg. And he will put it on the blog. Of numbers. Few share yourself came originally from the Wall Street Journal, the false stereotype of two America's that they're really not all that different. And like I said you can check it out for yourself. We will have a Gambhir Dave coming our way in just over fifteen minutes and covering what's new what's open. What's not the one place? I checked out. That's that's nice is the Sam Adams taproom. Same Adams taproom is right near Findlay market. In fact, you can see the sign from Findlay market. And tap room's. Kind of have a generic feel to them a lot of them to where you have to kind of have that happen dust real look and whatnot. And this place actually is a little bit cozy. I would say it's the first taproom. I've come across that would qualify as cozy even a fireplace and more. But it's a nice place. We'll talk to David about that. What else is opening around town when we get to him in about fifteen twenty minutes right now, it's eight thirty in the morning, and we got news into the picture as we are News Radio seven hundred w l w.

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