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Even know even if you did a movie now about the nineteen forties and fifties I don't know if they'd really got that, they'd be able to get that kind of thing again. It was just awesome but I'll make the comparison between the Book and the movie as we get. Get into a little bit more The book was released in two thousand ten, and then the Loretta gave a little bit of a little extra at the beginning, talking about some things that she had done since the book came out nineteen seventy five, so one thing to keep in mind if I say maybe some like statistics about her that I learned from the book, keep in mind that if she got more awards after that this book came out nineteen, Seventy Five, and then I'll give you a rundown of what happened after the book. Up until now in her career, but if things are like, oh no, she got more than that or she actually one more. It's just because I'm taking at the time. And that makes sense perfect. Yeah! Alright, so we're GONNA. Talk about we're going to begin by talking about Loretta 's early life and one thing that people might not know about her. That's pretty interesting to just say. Right off. The Bat is that her musical career came much later on in her lifetime, compared to many other musicians that we've talked about in the past and so there's a lot of episode here. That is just her life. Before becoming the Country Music, Star Loretta Lynn. Perfect can't wait good, so we're going to go to go back to Loretta Web. That's her maiden name growing up in butcher. Holler now. One thing that I thought was interesting, so butcher Holler was in the mountains of Kentucky, and she'd discussed the connection between Irish music and country music when I was listening to the country music lately even on these new radio stations they do mention a lot. Kentucky is in a lot of their songs. interesting so I think if you would've asked me before like where country music originate like I probably would have been like I. Don't know if you somewhere in the south, but I mean being Canadian, as well I think that learning these things we've kind of have to had gotten a little bit of somewhat of an education geographically where music has come from I. Don't know absolutely anyways. mother sang a lot as did. Loretta 's Mother's twin sister and it was his mother who taught her how to sing. Singing was a family thing and Laura's sister crystal sings on her own tours and her sister. Peggy sue does harmony with her, but Loretta was one of the oldest ones of of her siblings, so they came a little bit after her, so Loretta was raised with seven other children and was. The oldest yet. Why Ash. And since you know, she was close to the oldest, she was really had a responsibility in taking care of the children as well. Like team effort, right. She's like village. It certainly takes a village in this village was called. Butcher Holler Yeah. She was happy to be surrounded by family and at the time that she wrote the book in a she had kids and grandkids, and she said that her house was like grand. Central Station. After many years of touring and everything you know. Thought. It was important that The readers know before getting into the book that she's her own cook. She does her own gardening. She plans her own vegetables and she pickles those vegetables. Living you know eventually kind of settling in on this ranch in Hurricane Mills Tennessee. There's actually a museum there, and you can go online to Kentucky. Country Music Dot Com Lincoln in the show notes, and you can get a behind the scenes look at the Loretta, Lynn Ranch, and so if links. We were to ever go back to Tennessee again. We could actually go and visit. If we wanted to. The so cool. Got To do another road trip sometime. after fifty two top ten hits, sixteen number one hits, and of course this is an seventy five I said the these members could have changed and being in the music industry for over fifty years. She says it's still her fans that matter most of all. Yeah like I said she grew up in put your hyler, she grew up poor and says in some ways. That was the best part of my life learning how to survive. She said that, even though she's got a million dollars in the bank, she could survive being poor again. So Luck I checked Loretta Lynn's network. And is a little bit more than one million dollars. As most sixty five million dollars. Oh my goodness. Wow, yeah, so here are some other facts about Loretta. She was married when she wasn't even quite fourteen years old why? Yes she had. We'll get into that in more detail. She had four babies by the time she was eighteen, and she was a grandmother at twenty nine Oh my goodness so her husband pretty much said like I raised you the way I wanted you to be. And she went from her father to her husband at age thirteen and so basically yeah, she was raised by her husband. My. God, Wow. She put out a song nine hundred and seventy-five called the pill. something. She did not have in her day and if they did, she said. I'd have been swallowing them like popcorn. We are very lucky to have a the pill. So no surprise, the man who ran the radio station. It's the at the time banned from being played. Wow, but we've got some story to get to before their. When Loretta eventually got to Nashville. This is just a little bit about country music. People called her and people who kind of saying the same kind of music. She did hillbilly singers, and hardly gave country music respect, and so she seen country music. Go uptown and she's proud that she was there when it happened In terms of writing, the spunk shows. It wasn't like writing a song when she had an idea for a song, she scribbles it down on anything that's handy and then sings until the words. Give her a song. She says. People say I can't read or write because I've only got about a fourth grade education. But I can read and write. Some I'm not pretending I know how to write a book, not even a book about me. She used an assistant writer and I know many people. Do I know what they used what she could Use a lesson in Miss Peas writing. Class. Yes and Actually Miss.

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