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The top stories we're following for you on WTO the head of police in the region near Kyiv are investigating after 6 charred bodies piled together were discovered in bucha where graphic evidence of killings and torture has emerged following the withdrawal of Russian forces One of the bodies was a smaller one than others likely a child If you're a student borrower borrower you can breathe a little easier now that the Biden administration is extending its paws on federal loan repayments through the end of August Former president Obama was back at The White House today for the first time since early 2017 On this 12th anniversary of ObamaCare the former president looked on as President Biden announced steps to make healthcare more affordable for millions of American families For more on these stories and just minutes Now to the future of a large local police department the Montgomery county council was about to take the final vote and then decided to put it on hold Council members are taking a pause on voting for the police accountability board Who gets to make a complaint about possible police misconduct that's one of the questions the Montgomery county council members were discussing as they prepared to vote on the bill forming the police accountability board Council member will jawando favors expanding the types of complaints that could go before the board We want our police officers if they see something to say something Police chief Marcus Jones was asked about the status of police recruitment and the potential impact of the legislation People have options when we talk about recruitment to go to whatever police agency they so choose The issue will likely come up again April 19th Kate Ryan WTO P news It's 8 18 Traffic.

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