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Red Sox. Double off the dodgers eight to four Benintendi could talk about how big that home run was. But before we get to that, Shannon. Penn. Our producer Travis rock hold choice still here with us. I have no idea is he can't see. No. Yup. Great. Are these in home wasn't my well? My question to you before we get to Alex Cora skipper of of the Red Sox eight. Were you just know Shannon about you were you just sucking down a children's hour wausau to their applesauce. They're amazing that my kids. Eat those in their lunch revolutionary, the new hotness. Well, my kids have been my kids have been dominating the little applesauce plastic thing. He's squeezy. They've been crushing those for three or four years now, but I've never seen an adult like make love to one like you just back the curtain. I produce game day on the radio back to weigh like, Shannon. I as I. In other work requests. I said it's just give me the apples author easy, the quick prisoners show. And the response I got from them was what are you five? And I said maybe, but they're delicious. I'll take place. Perfect. I I've just never seen an open. Zag just in case you have another one. You're about to dominate as the Red Sox into the dodgers. Another one. Just never seen an adult like get get after it that that aggressively with the kids applesauce. So there you just checking it was almost as big as the unions hit tonight. As you targeting segue back in as we are going to late night right here on ESPN radio in two World Series bonus coverage Nunez. This was a brilliant. Move by Alex Cora pinch hit three run shot. Bottom seven if you missed it. Here's Dan Shulman on the call now..

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