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And I, you know, I've known fed a whole adult lives. He was he was eighteen I was twenty one point two, and that was one that was of my first ones without I've I've I also stood at the locker of earnest Byner after he fumbled at the goal line for the Cleveland Browns. And they thought they were running into the Super Bowl and earnest Byner fumbled. I've known Ernest then became a Washington Redskin. I wrote about him and I stood his locker for an hour while he talked an hour and do though there there's some stories like. Gino that really I they made me appreciate sports. They made me appreciate winning. And losing. Maybe appreciate people who stand up in a difficult. I'm a bad loser. I'm a I'm a bad awful awful loser. If I lose my brother in golf, I lose the court has gone badly. I talk to anybody for six eight hours, and you guys have a ten minute cooling off ruling. You gotta meet up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I you know, I had I had a lot of that. I think that I think my roots in Chicago God you hit on something. I did that really colored the way I did what I did. But, you know, somebody asked me one time about you know, fans who boo I don't care if they boo college kids high school kids professional athletes, you know, as if I have a right college kids, I have a right to boo them when they played poorly. Why because I bought my ticket. I have a right to boo a professional athlete why? Because they're making ten million. And if they don't do what I expect them to do. I can boo them. And I'm like you. I grew up in Philadelphia at a time where we one nothing. Now. The Sixers were good because we have will that one year, and we kept losing to the Celtics, and then is sixty eight we won we won the whole thing. And then we gave you Chet the jet walk chat. That's right. We gave you chat. And and did you see the empathy that you get? So you go. Okay. Well, we're probably going to lose. The eagles are going to lose the Phillies are gonna lose. Okay. Those were the two big sports at the time. Okay. So you you start to go. All right. What am I gonna do when we lose? I can either just go boo or I can have some fun with it and go. Yeah. You know, what that's kind of like what we do. You know, we kind of. And then you get you. You get disappointed you get frustrated, but you don't take it out on the players. And I remember going Connie Mack stadium and watching dick Allen whose Richie on at the time his rookie again to the White Sox later. That's exactly right. So Richie Allen was a mother, man. He would big and and he was dark and Philadelphia's one of the most racist cities in the country, you know, back then I mean, I'm sure it's better now. But and I mean, they tortured this poor guy and killed him. And they with boo and throw shit, Adam. And and then he hit a three run Homer over the coke sign and bottom tonight. They have to striking out three times. And they would treat him like. Caesar just came back on. Would sit there, and I go, you know, good mothers, you know. So I always had an an an an an epithet for these guys that. Yeah, you know, they're not trying to strike out, blah, blah, blah. So you know, when I watch you guys work. I really appreciate guys who say like it is without you said it perfect Michael this idea of you can be disappointed. You can ask questions about a decision. You can criticize. But at the end of the day. No, no, one understands what these professional athletes college athletes in high school kids are going through and could you as the guy to boom put yourself in that position? And tell me you could handle all that every day. God, I let me just you know, I have a rule is X Hispasat name that you mentioned the Boeing. So I have a real with my. I have a ten year old son Matthew who is into everything. The first thing we did the it has conscious life. We went to spring training with the cubs which was two thousand ten because he's nineteen years old. Now, that's the first thing ever went to..

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