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It's pretty good deal if you ask me, but that's just me. All right. I would never to come anyway. Had my next guest plan to talk about the Senior ball, which he was at and is our number one draft NFL draft guy. Um, but while we're at it, we'll just talk about the NFL with him, because, Oh, he's been doing this long enough that he'd scouted both of these guys when they were both picked number one overall in the NFL draft. Joining me from NFL draft Bible and Sports Illustrated. Rick Sorry, tele here with me on CBS Sports Radio. How are you Ready? I appreciate you coming on board. Yes. You know, that trade came down less than an hour ago between the Rams and the Lions with Gary Goff heading out to L. A. Matthews heading to Detroit. Matthew Stafford going to l A. But oh, by the way, lions get Who first round picks futures and a third round pick as well. I get it. The staff for it is the better player right now, but he's also the older player right now, and the extra draft capital did lions get? I don't think the The ideal would offer Detroit How do you see these two quarterbacks for the next 234 years performing for their new teams? We'll try to make sense of it for you, Jody. I think what it comes down to is. This is the first of the big Q B carousel Domino to fall because I believe that You know, when you take a look at the opening day rosters Come September, You'll see at least Have to leave. I'm saying at least 16 teams could have new starting quarterback. So this is the first domino to fall. How much does a Matthew Stafford get on the open market? How much does it this on? Watch and get We're a trade there. I say an arid Rogers. I think you see dreams. Jimmy Garoppolo, another quarterback who's going to be on the move. I think you're gonna see a lot of quarterbacks being traded. The Rams got out in front of it about themselves a quarterback who wasn't a check down Charlie. Okay, because Jared Golf really can't throw the ball beyond five yards effectively. And so now you have a small window. I thought the Rams had the best defense in the playoffs. And I thought they matched up well against Green Bay. So if you injected Matthew Stafford into that match up, does that put them over the hump to get into the NFC championship and who knows from there? I think from the ram standpoint, they're looking at it like, Hey, we've got to franchise pieces on defense. Inara, Donald, Jalen Ramsey. Why not go for the gusto? Why not try to win this thing? And you know if you look at what Carson Wentz deal in the same draft class. They gave up a couple first round picks a second round pick a third round it 1/4 round pick, So it's not too far off the base. As for the line, and it makes sense, I still think they're going to draft a quarterback. Even with Jared dollars. I think you get to two years stop Gap solution and it's a costly one. But you still think that the lines might dress the quarterback here? They add. You know, they stopped piles and draft picks. There later. They're back. They're going to be in the back end of the first round with these ram sticks they acquired, so I'm not the biggest Matthew Stafford guy, Jody. But I understand why the Rams did it, and there's a trickle effect that's going to happen here because of it. I understand I would do I understand the line of thinking for both of the two teams a little surprised that you say That the Lions would also still draft a quarterback. The number seven um, you are married to God. Basically contractually, for the next two years life you're gonna have a quarterback sitting on your bench who's making 30? 2 33 $34 million, which that's never happened before in the National Football League. Your but I know Stafford's got great arm strength. Do we just look past the fact that he hasn't won a playoff game in the decade in Detroit? I think we'll find out because you know you in that offense with saw McVeigh. I think those were 5000 yards next year. So let's see you do from 5000 yards in Detroit to did I miss their playoff win? Yeah, well, you're right about that, Jodi. But I'll tell you what Matthew Stafford make bruise that Jared Golf cannot and you talk about getting the ball downfield, stretching the defense. At the Stafford can do it. Paragons. Not so much, Okay. I don't think it's a terrible trade for Detroit. I think that I know Matthew Stafford Scott talents and skills but a decade's worth of inability to get a team. Somewhere in the playoffs. I'm also gonna look and I'm gonna find in there too. And Washington football fans won't want to hear. But supposedly, I'm hearing some talk that Washington football teammates, maybe a better offer. But the lion's wanted to work with Stafford, help accommodate him. He does have a home in the Hollywood area, so maybe doing him somewhat of a little bit of Ah, a decent Yeah. All right, Um If that's an interesting piece of information. If that's the case, I would say shame on the Detroit Lions and I I feel like such a Scrooge in a bad dude. Uh, give me any grief that you want. I'm learning it here, but It's a cut to a world sports is cutthroat business and you need to do what if Matthew Stafford wants to move on, and you will accommodate him and trade him. You also got to trade him for a lesser deal toe a place to make a more happy That's going above and beyond the call of duty if you ask me. If you know, I mean, it has ramifications. Long term players Look at the organization's they Hey, they do the right thing, But I'm with you at the end of the day. Business is business. It's a cold business, too. While we're at it, so I'm with you, my man. Okay. Ricky's Harry.

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