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Learn more today Zacks landmark dot EDU winter will show I have called for much more transparency on recoveries I know many journalists I'm opinion guy but many journalists have also said we need to know what the recovery number is because that's what that's the full picture and if we're going to skimp on a part of it we shouldn't skimp on the recovery number red winter ball tomorrow afternoon three to six your emergency situation station welcome back residents from was very upset the other day start tweeting out about various plans in various states to send everybody applications for a mail in ballot now there's nothing illegal about sending somebody an application for a mail in ballot if you just randomly send people mail in ballots that's a problem but he said people in application for mail in ballot that's that's fairly normal however president trump is right to be worried about the amount of voter fraud inherent not only in mail in ballots and ballot harvesting let's talk about this before the big problem inherent when you basically suggest that people can come to your front door pick up your ballot then drive it over to the polling station that just opens the door to an enormous amount of voter fraud at the very least even if you don't think somebody sitting in the back of the car and discarding certain ballots and checking other ballots what if you are just have a very well funded campaign and you said you're only gonna go to Democrats houses knock on the door and say it seems like you forgot about how bout you just like to check that box right now and have a valid or in fact one just tell me the ballot and wherever it ends up it ends up like that but it's just it's rife with rest Chris Wallace went off on this over the weekend suggesting it was conspiracy theorizing to worry about voter fraud by mail he's wrong about this yeah Chris Wallace's is quite good on some issues he's not going on this year it was yesterday there really is no record of massive fraud or even the serious fraud from mail in voting have there been some cases yes and there is an issue sometimes with what's called a vote harvesting were inside a mailing in your ballot that you'll get people who will go into a community and vacuum up collect all the ballots say they're going to take them in and then the danger of chorus C. is that very role discard the ballots from neighborhoods that they think they're going to vote for the other party but when people get their ballots and mail them in themselves no history of fraud at all okay I mean there's some truth to the final statement but again is the first of the people are really worried about John what has a good piece over at the Wall Street journal from a few weeks ago talking specifically about all this is concerned about vote buying have a long history in the United States they help drive the movie secret ballot which US states Dr between eighteen eighty eight nineteen fifty secret ballots made it harder for both buyers monitor which candidates and sellers actually voted for vote buying had been pervasive my research with Larry Kenney at the university of Florida found that voter turnout fell by about eight to twelve percent after states adopted the secret ballot you wouldn't know any of this outcry listen listening to media outcry over trump's remarks and said there is a lot of dishonesty going on with that mail in voting but intimidation and vote buying have been covered by the the so called Jimmy Carter James Baker report from years ago they said citizens voted home in nursing homes in the workplace in church I'm more susceptible to pressure overt and subtle or to intimidation vote buying schemes are far more difficult to detect when citizens or by mail the report provides examples such as in nineteen.

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