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Of museum quality materials. Delivery and installation included. Etcetera sexual Had a delivery takes 4 to 6 weeks so It would appear that this group of artists Behind the monolith. Later on Friday, the group posted instagram pictures of articles about them from different news sources before adding a post with yet another model with This one in Joshua Tree National Park, adding another model with outside of Joshua Tree that makes four which is a mean At the end of the day to provide proof. The final post featured a masked artist in the process of making One of the big mythical monoliths and poking fun of the alien conspiracies saying, You mean it wasn't aliens? When followers of the account asked, Was it you? The account repeatedly responded if by you you mean us? Yes. Mm hmm. That said. Earlier today, a monolith appeared in Britain. Those keeping track. Add another one to the scoreboard to the scorebook. Another monolith has been spotted this time in the Isle of Wight said he pronounced it the Isle of Wight off England's south coast. Mm. The most recent ethereal offering was spotted in Compton Beach on the southwest corner of the Isle of Wight yesterday afternoon. Local resident Lee Peckham said. My wife and I were walking our dog on our favorite beach and saw the model if we hadn't heard about it at all, But clearly others had is there were lots of people coming down. So look at it. But just like with the other mysterious structures, residents aren't quite sure where it came from. I don't know how it got there. I'm not sure the locals have any good theories, either. It's just more quizzical amusement. A spokesman for the National Trust, which owns the section of the beach where the monolith showed up, told the CNN organization did not know who put it up. CNN doing. CNN Research has emailed that community of artists known as the most famous artist to clarify if they were responsible for the Isle of Right of whites, monolith. So there is the latest If these are the group, If if this is the group behind it, then that kind of ends the soccer I think I think there's much less intrigue once we know who did it. I'm just saying. I don't know if we have to continue the updates. If these people are taken credit, but We get one in Wisconsin. If a monolith that appear in Wisconsin, where do you think it would appear? Where would be a good Remote. Spot like Dore County. That's It's kind of populist. That's gotta be up there like Central Northern Wisconsin. What about on Jones Island here in Milwaukee? Oh, okay. Huh? Let's think Given idea, 85561616 20 if Wisconsin or we bring it closer to home, southeastern Wisconsin, let's just say southeastern Wisconsin if we were going to get a monolith to suddenly appear. Where would be a good? How did that get there? Spot? Any suggestions? 85561616 20 wtmj..

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