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It's an exciting moment. There was quite a high. Glenn is a founding member of the BRAINARD SKI loons Water Ski show team. And now they are planning to make still skiing part of next summer. Ski Shows. Though Glenn doesn't officially hold the record yet. The evidence has been sent to Guinness in hopes of making his way into the record books. When asked why he did it dens responded. It's every kid's dream to break a world record whatever it might be. It just seems like this was right up my alley and I looked at it and thought I could do that. Now, there are the that looks awesome. I want to be great that awesome thing people. There is this next guy. Robert Berger twenty-five of Huntington New York decided. He didn't really feel like going to jail for alleged crimes. He probably committed, but he also didn't actually want to die, so he decided his only real option was to fake his death. He added figured out. He would get a fake death certificate and send it to the courts through his lawyer and nothing could possibly go wrong with this full proof plan. He now faces up to four years in prison, if convicted in the alleged scheme, that's an addition depending sentences for earlier guilty pleas to charges of possession of a stolen lexus and attempted grand larceny of a truck. Punishment prosecutors say he was looking to avoid. It will never cease to amaze me the length. Some people will go to avoid being held accountable on criminal charges Nassau County District Attorney. Madeline singers said in a telephone interview. During a corona virus friendly arraignment I'm guessing they zoomed. Burger pleaded not guilty to a single count of offering a false instrument for filing a judge set bail at a dollar which I think is one of the funniest parts of this story, but ordered Burger back to jail because of his underlying cases, his next court date is scheduled for July twenty ninth. Scheduled to be sentenced to a year in jail last October on the theft related charges Burger fled the state. He then convinced his then lawyer prosecutors and the judge that he had killed himself allegedly using his fiancee to pass along a bogus death certificate prosecutors said at first glance burgers purported death certificate looks like an official document issued by the new, Jersey Department of Health, vital statistics and registry. It actually wasn't too bad. I saw the picture, but there was one big problem registry was There were also inconsistencies in the font type and size that raise suspicions. I'm surprised at the lengths. He went through to keep himself out of jail, but couldn't find anyone to proofread. That's just poor planning. The Real New Jersey Department of Health Vital Statistics. Registry confirmed that burgers. Death certificate was a fake prosecutor said. Berger was alive, but despite his best attempts to the contrary, he had actually been arrested in suburban Philadelphia on charges including allegations, he provided a false identity to law enforcement and stole from Catholic College. He was sentenced in January to up to a year in jail, according to Pennsylvania court records. I feel like there's a lot going on here. A whole lot to unpack like the court document wasn't half bad, despite not taking the time for a little proofing, you gotTa stop being a criminal for a bit though if you wanted to hold. Speaking of people that just can't help themselves, but probably should a woman in. Mexico decided to take a Selfie with a black bear. Recently well visit an ecological park in San Pedro Garza Garcia Mexico in the stunning video. A black bear walks right up to a group of hikers and begin sniffing woman hair. First of all. What shampoo are you using because you need to stop that immediately? If it is attracting bears, it makes me rethink my whole method of shampoo choice, no more fruit. Because absolutely not. Second of all, you're just chilling out letting some wild animal. Sniff your hair. Are you missing the ability to logic? The bear was very interested in the woman who was hiking with friends. Everyone seems to stay calm which I mean good on you, but then the woman decides that there has never been a better time than right now to get a picture. She takes Selfie with the bear who acts like he knows exactly what is going on and seems to pose for the photo. It seems like all is well and good. Until the bear begins to walk away before turning back making a beeline for the same woman and this time he tries to bite her, and he swings his paws at her before casually walking away. Look bears around here casually trying to kill you. What are you even thinking? For obvious reasons, the woman's actions are not something experts. Encourage you to do if you encounter a bear in the wild. In fact, it's best for you to yell loudly and make as much noise as possible to hopefully scare the bear from the area and preserve its natural fear of humans. The park said in a statement on its website that the bear was displaying an abnormal behavior caused by human beings. Park officials said plans are being put into place to capture the bear due to its lack of fear of humans, the statement said the park will implement strict measures to prevent future, potentially dangerous interactions between people and bears. So basically, this woman and her friends are the people that they end up writing. Warning labels for you know when you read something like this pencil is not to be used as an earplug and you're like. What do that? Bear selfie girl. Honestly guys just leave wild animals alone. Speaking of poor decisions firefighters in New York rescued two-way word people when they're inflatable swan float was suddenly carried away by a fast, moving current and soon put them right smack DAB in the middle of heavy marine traffic. The New York City fire. Department, said officials received report of multiple people in the water near East. Fifty Fifth Street in Manhattan and an F.. D. N. Y. Marine unit arrived to find two people in a swan float had been swept away by the swift current. The two were rescued and monitored by EMS staff before being allowed to leave with no injuries. FD N. Y. Urges New Yorkers to always take precautions when swimming or entering the water surrounding our city. They added only the water where swimming is permitted and where lifeguards are on duty. I've been to New York City. I'm surprised.

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