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That's what you can find. Because they're going to if they're going to do the honors, they want to do the honors where they have an out. It's not enough to have a great match to have a match that has some parody as far as who's on the offense the most or on defense the most, whatever. It's just somewhere along the way the fact that italic and convinced the old man are pat Patterson or somebody else that they need more gimmicks in the match or more announce in the match. I've got to be protected. Shows me that their talents are the wrong perspective. And what is the business main Conrad seriously here? When you can't another guy's finish. Yeah. You know what I mean? I don't get that. So if I'm a wrestler or to God thank God that never happened. To any degree, I don't know. I just don't understand the reasoning behind it. And the AEW for example, I don't know how we had some unique finishes on Saturday night in Minneapolis at full gear. But we had winners and losers. That's right. And the talents that dropped the falls, I never had one person that maybe they did was for their buddy. I can't believe I'm doing this. I don't think that ever happened. But I heard nobody complained of bitch in a moment. I always tell all of us that man is three seconds for that take place. How long's your match? Well, we've got 20 minutes. Okay. Then you've got 19 minutes and 57 seconds to kick ass. That's how I look at it. And then the finish has got to be led right into perfect and fit, like a glove. And I thought those guys did that, but our finishes became a gimmick too many gimmick finishes and guys felt uncomfortable even losing to another talents finish move. Can you imagine the revolt it would be if people had a problem? This show or shows leaders subsequently into this show putting all snow over with a stunner? If everybody with a stunner, that's hot, though that is how it's supposed to work. You win with your win with your finish. So anyway, it was a very troubling times. We were seen to be philosophically disjointed. Somewhat, too many cooks in the kitchen maybe. I don't know. I don't know exact reasons. I do know this that angles cut too short. It had a great future. If you had two leagues, you had a big enough roster to stalk the shells of two shows. And because of frustrations and politics and things of that nature are so it seemed to me. The angle was said, okay, let's just get out of the state. And that calls a lot of issues. We'll talk about here today. Let's also mention another quote from Meltzer here, perhaps the biggest frustration is that everyone knows the multi-million dollar angle that will turn the thing around. But it requires getting Bischoff Goldberg, et cetera, and requires the mcmahons to be vulnerable, and requires the long-term wrestlers to accept the idea that because business is bad. Some guys need to be jump started ahead of existing, and in most cases better talent. It's also mentioned here as he wraps up his diatribe here. It's not happening now, and it feels like we're in a holding pattern, waiting for of all people, Kevin Nash to save the day. And that's not a position I'd like to gamble the industry on. But I do think that he sort of hits the nail on the head. In order for this thing to have really worked, the mcmahons would have had to at least momentarily allowed. The perception that uh oh, WCW is going to kick our ass. And they probably didn't want to do that. And they would have had to open up the checkbook to get Eric Bischoff to lead this group, not one of the mcmahons. Well, here's the thing. And I don't need to cut you off, but I'm thinking about it. It takes two to tango. Sure. Some of those guys that have been mentioned here. Kevin Nash, et cetera, et cetera. How do we all know that they were warning to get back on the road? Warning at the latter stages of their career because all of them are had 20 years or so experience. They've been better than it's surgeries and all this stuff. How do we all know that they wanted to get back on road? Well, I can tell you who knows, I know. They weren't interested. And they were going to let their contracts play out with Time Warner. Because Time Warner was paying a handsome sum to those individuals. So there's two definitive ways of looking at this thing is Meltzer right that if we had our full complement of talents and we had Goldberg and you know, all the other guys that had, you know, hall and Nash and all that good stuff. Eric certainly Eric would have been perfect. But, you know, and I'm not saying Eric didn't want to come to work. I don't know that he did or he didn't, because I don't think he and I had a conversation about that at that point in time. But it was finally decided that he would come to work and he did a good job. Did a real good job. That hug, he had with McMahon on the stage as epic, and I thought Eric did a great job. He beat me in a match on raw, got color. What's he on? So anyhow, but it takes two to tango, some of those guys are sitting come back on the road. They weren't ready to come back on road yet. And those have been off Conrad. I want to make sure their bodies are right. Make sure they were healthy. They look good..

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