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Paying their respects to the victims of a tragedy I'm Roger stern. Fox News hundreds turned out today is a funeral was held for members of the Coleman family not, of them died last week when I am Fabius duck, boats, sack, in a lake near Branson Missouri pastor Thomas hill comfort today Piece today Walk with them today Thought show forth your love in a powerful way and the things we don't understand. Fill, in the gaps meanwhile the National Transportation Safety board says recordings of radio transmissions indicate that the weather turned ominous after the boat entered the. Water that deadly wildfire northern California has now destroyed five hundred. Structures including many homes Jim Chapman is one of the lucky ones he returned to find. His house. Still intact so excited I cried Yep I thank the Lord to children and their great grandmother are missing and in Michigan motel fires killed six people FOX's Karen McHugh with. That a fire broke out in the middle of the. Night at the Cosmo motel, in Burien county Michigan the first nine one one call the sheriff's office was received at one forty five AM twenty. Seven rooms, of the extended stay motel were occupied when the flames erupted six. People all from the same family, were killed a twenty. Six year old adults and five children, ranging in age, from two to ten years old several other victims were taken to the lakeland medical center the motels. Located, in Benton harbor Michigan about a two hour drive south west of Lansing and investigation into what started the fatal fire is ongoing Karen McCue. Fox News cardinal Theodore McCarrick has resigned from the college of. Cardinals following claims that he sexually abused minors and adults seminarians he had been the archbishop. Of Washington. Fox News Fair and balanced As a, marketer reach, everyone, adults teens millennials but it's not like these groups all hang out in, the?.

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