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Mean she just walked up like she lived there scary it is scary very scary neighbors and police believe she's targeting the burbank until luka lake area and is responsible for at least one burglary where she walked right into an occupied home can't just blatantly walked in walked out what a moron i mean it's like he's going to get killed doing that in burbank i mean it's like she lived there she has no qualms about walking in it's like she owns the place it's very scary but when you got to keep the doors locked during the day i always try to tell my wife my daughter that always man keep the garage close those doors locked you never know what kind of idiots are out there the woman has long dark hair worn in ponytail and was seen carrying a large black bag with a white chanel logo and she was dressed very distinctively a boot and the white pull up socks it was like oh okay most of the kind of reaction address okay so so that lady what would what would she say if maybe she were like a skirt and to top oh okay this is not the woman you want on the red carpet to talk to celebrities about their wardrobe okay what are you wearing east saint laurent oh okay this right here this is a hugo boss tuxedo oh okay oh okay that's great this is michael kostelic original oh not okay yes just under a little then she finally given okay most of the incidents involved unlock cars in front doors in a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else it was a way of life but this woman say neighbors has changed that is a goal living here we never locked anything now we're locking everything just never nothing really happened in burbank or lake but now it's changed gary yeah i'm with them it as lake burbank area that part of the burbank into luca lake you get a lot of rough riders coming in from north hollywood to try to take your stuff neighbors hope that.

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