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It's two ten to suggest wtn jason blair debbie with us are at i guess a semi pg thirteen warning at indefinitely an effector warning over the about this next story air cosette smile it is it's it's an interesting story but there there is an x factor there is oregon state university baseball is big at oregon state college baseball baseball players are against state or of treated like star basketball players and star football players will be treated other universities it is a very big deal the star pitcher on the oregon state basketball baseball team is a guy named luke heimlich the heimlich maneuver he's twenty two years old last year his pitches were nearly unhittable he had an earned run average of about zero point seven six and your major league baseball if you've got an earned run average under three meaning that for every nine innings you give up you know three or lesser runs that's that's very very good his earned run average was point seven six this year he's eleven and won eleven wins one loss is earned run averages around three point zero but but still he he's a star star pitcher and you would think under normal circumstances is also throws lefthanded he would have a great future in major league baseball last year he declared himself eligible for the draft and no major league baseball team took it no major league baseball team took him despite the fact that he's got an earned run average last year of zero point seven six pitching for you know one of the premier college baseball program in the country and in the question became will what's going on here well it turns out that this this actually wasn't known to the public except through a little quirk that i'll tell you about in a minute but back when heimlich now he's twenty two back when he was fifteen he's he's from seattle he molested his sixyearold needs this is where you get the x factor apparently what happened is the two of them were alone together in a room and without going into too much detail he pulled her underwear down and then began touching her the etc she told him to stop but he wouldn't.

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