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You, what is your rationale behind that? The audio collars in my favorite colors called you are the man and you make them be the favorite column. But remember, I didn't want to say two things. Did I? Yes, sir. How you doing today? Jerry, I'm doing well. Hey, we're going to put some whooping on Tennessee. 'cause I remember when the third side was about a month ago, I believe it was. I mean, I must be getting old, but we going to Tennessee there, man. The Tuscaloosa and put a beat down on them. Just like yeah, go ahead, you know? I got one more thing to say that I got some inside information. Okay. LSU, alpha nickname, $1 billion, to come and coach a year. And if they don't get him, they're gonna do your own Sanders. Wow. That's all you found that too. That would be pretty crazy during you take care of yourself. We're up against a break. We still have plenty of guests that will start dropping by here, Brandon martello has already been here. He said, Billy Napier ought to be the next LSU coach and we were coming right back. You were listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. How.

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