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Station. Let's check in with gator who is in Memphis. Hey gator. Hey, hey, Paul, how you doing? We're Thanks, let me on there. I have a couple questions on a couple of things to say. I enjoyed the Billy Napier interview that you had. Thank you. And then I was going to say for GM and tons of clues. So I have some I've got quite a few black gator heads on my landing bar one sometimes. He wants to wear one. Well, he needs a dog. Well, I'm going to hear that. We were struggling for black hats, Dominic, in Michigan, on the air. Hello Dominick. Hello, Paul. How are you? Really well. Good afternoon. Well, good afternoon. I wish I could say the same. You know, there's one thing that I can tell you from up north. Jim Harbaugh, it's not like the SEC. I mean, can you tell me that you think Nick Saban would leave a program, especially when things are getting tough? I don't think so. Yeah, I am still, maybe you've heard something. I have just found it extraordinary that Harbaugh on national signing day with a pretty good recruiting class after his best season takes off to go to Minneapolis to interview for a job. How's that playing in your town? Oh, I mean, the town just in aurora right now. I'm an SEC guy. Graduated from Kentucky, all SEC. And all my Friends and family members are like, hey, this Michigan program is going to go down the drain. You can just don't see this in Alabama. You certainly don't see this in Kentucky. I think it just shows that the SEC is the best in premier conference in the league. Well, I don't think that's really in dispute. But I am watching the wires pretty closely with the news from Harbaugh. Thanks very much for the call. Do appreciate it. Let's continue and Kevin is up next. Hey Kevin Garrett had a long time caller first time listener. Thank you. This is actually a reference kind of to what Dominic's talking about about old booger eater up there in Michigan. And Nick Saban, George bulldogs made him cry at LSU and he ran off to the NFL. We just beat old booger eater. And now he's running off the NFL. A former bulldog just beat the goat, and now he's retiring. It's just an endless plethora. So yeah, Nick Saban will lead when things get tough, my friend, and so will the booger eater. And the carpetbagger, I think, I think honestly, last year, we did him in two George bulldogs taking names. Thank you very much for the call. Let's check in with doctor Kay in North Carolina. Hello, doctor Kay. Thanks Paul. Just listen to Jimbo's response to the reporter is very vital and obviously bitter and just there's a saying that the guilty usually are get angry and just at the end of his remarks there he kind of turned the finger back at everybody else. It seemed like he was doing a little gaslighting. My interpretation of it, I was going to ask you, if you thought maybe Jimbo was doing some gaslighting, trying to cover things up or if you just think it was just a quick gush of reaction to the question. Well, first of all, he knew he knew the question was coming. And it's not the first time Jimbo has addressed that when he was here a couple of weeks ago. He had the line that went viral about what we're doing now, they just made legal. So I don't think he's denying that they're working on deals, but I don't think he's acknowledging that they're breaking rules in his mind what they're doing is legal. And I think I don't think to save in line really got under his skin because we'll play it again because he made a threat. The lane kiffin line, I mean, lane was being lane and clearly he was coming after lane. It wasn't the most articulate defense I've ever heard. But that's Jimbo. Jimbo loves to rant. He did the same thing two months ago when he addressed the rumors about. Yeah. He does like Durant, but just seeing the fingers back at everybody else and to renew at the bottom. And I will just make a wild prediction here, not good on prediction. He won't do it again. But he wanted to make sure that Saban got the memo. And exactly what he's talking about..

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