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They've been for almost twenty years and the eagles might have ended well they might have really not just ended that but started the next one and that's pretty strange to think about isn't it the eagles could be the next dynasty in the world of the nfl going from no super bowls too i don't know was john three sixteen we're getting three hundred sixteen super bowls with carson wentz consecutive i mean that's that's pretty special we could be a part of that in this case of once it's all three hundred sixteen are great great great great great great great great great grandchildren will all be part of that it's amazing and so as we're in this new world and we're looking forward to twenty eighteen what do you see in this roster you know we've gone through all the moves now we basically know the lay of land maybe corey graham comes back that's the one sleeper thing that hasn't been decided in oh by the way a couple of drinks at a ring ceremony where he's back in town with everybody and there's a roster spot opened that might lead to some hands shaking hands here so barring that move we know what the eagles look we know what they'll be we know how talented they are we know what kind of guy doug peterson is we know look at carson wentz and that guys work ethic i mean you see all of these things coming together and for me as much as i enjoyed last season in everything that last season was about i'm ready to go here i'm ready for this now i want to obsess over all the little details right all those things in ot as that i read but did i really absorb it i felt like in a sense it was for me like idaho basically every class i've ever been in ever i mean it's like yeah i i hear what you're saying as soon as the finals over though i'm not going to remember this and it's been hard for me it really has been hard for me is weird is that is to say to really be fully invested in every move that the eagles have done and they've done a lot right they've made a lot of.

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