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Podcast and ready to talk about what could be happening with. Derek Carr now of course so. Everybody's heard those rumors out there that the raiders might be willing to offer Tom. Brady sixty million to play here in Las Vegas. When the raiders come but Vinnie you wrote about interest from other NFL teams With Derek Carr and these teams could be in Indianapolis during the NFL SCOUTING. Combine to kind of discussing a preliminary conversation. Because of course can't do anything until mid March when the opening Tampa in period began. So what have you heard? What do you know about? What's going on right now. With teams their interest in Derek. Carr will I think that the raiders stance that they've taken with pretty much every position on the field including quarterback and including Derek cars? That they're gonNA look to get better at every position That is it's interesting to me. Not many teams say that about their quarterback. The Rams weren't saying that about jared the Kansas City chiefs her and saying that. Ah Patrick Mahomes. Vikings aren't saying that I can name a bunch of teams that are not taking that stance with their quarterback so it is conspicuous. That they're saying that but it it I don't necessarily think they're shopping. Derek Carr but I think they're leaving themselves open for other teams to to to sense that. Hey they're open to make him change it and if they do. They're going to have to do something with their car. What would it take for them to maybe trade for them? What would we have to give them in order to maybe trade for Derek Carr and I think that it's from Derek cars perspective? That's a good thing. There's teams that are interested and then we could play. Connect the dots. Here I think in the apple is colts could be a potential team. That would be interested in him. I think the Chicago bears are a team that that could be interested in them. But so I think that I think I pretty much know that when when all the NFL teams get to Indianapolis next week. I think you're going to see some teams or hear about some teens. That approach the raiders to find out. Hey what might take if you're really serious about moving on from Derek Carr or making a change at quarterback What we have to give you to get Derek Carr K. Or something interesting to start today today. Being Thursday Derek Carr is post a kind of a cryptic little Picture there on his instagram. It's of he and Khalil Mack. Shaking HANDS IS THIS. A is this a message. What do we make of this as it? Just because he misses Khalil Mack misses his friend. W- as opposed to this four has no words. There's nothing there. And is this a team that we could see? Derek Carr landing with of course. We're just speaking hypothet- it's all speculation. Absolutely could be a team that are interested in their their. They feel like they're a championship caliber. Team I don't know that there is a ton of confidence anymore in Mitchell trubisky. That's their current quarterback. So if you're looking at a team of ready made team that wants to take that next step and feel that quarterback is the is the issue. Then that's a an easy fit for Derek Carr. That's logical spot. I mean I think when you're talking about Mitch Trubisky in the lack of confidence they haven't him. I mean there's good reason for that. I think trubisky over as a rookie. You saw trubisky do some things that were a little bit encouraging. In the second year you saw some things that were a little bit encouraging they go to the playoffs and then last year it just seems like he takes a bit of a step back and you know I think about Mitchell trubisky and I think about Marcus Mariota and it seems like those. Those guys are sort of on parallel tracks in Murrieta. Obviously a couple years ahead of trubisky but it just seems like there's something there that those guys can't put it together for whatever reason and I think Mario has been one of those guys where you talk about the bears and you say well Kim Mario to be the kind of player that comes in and he revives with Matt Nagy. No you say no no I but it. But that's the kind of thing where okay if it's Derek Carr right you go in there and you can take care of the football and they already have a very good ready made defense. Well then. That's a situation where you can say to yourself. Okay yeah that probably does make sense. Yeah I think that does make sense and like using Mitchell trubisky. It's been one that's kind of been I think Not An Achilles heel of that team but I think they had higher ed thanks. He's been an Achilles heel. He's holding them back straight out and we saw it miles and I were and we're in Chicago and the Rams played the bears a couple years ago and and he threw four interceptions. It was it was three or four. Yeah and the Rams are just bad. Offensively that game. It showed you how good the bears defense work was still win that game in spite of the multiple picks that trubisky. I remember leaving that stadium and go and this is not a super bowl team because he's not a super bowl quarterback I'm sorry but he just isn't. The one thing donated apologized. Carter would bring over eight like you. Said he takes care of the ball and he's a high percentage thrower so he's GonNa complete passes and if you're the bears a nice careful quarterback that doesn't put you in trouble that gets the ball to wide receivers and playmakers and let them do their thing. That's the kind of quarterback that their car is and then you lean on your defense to do the rest You know give him a good running back as well you can see a Derek Carr flourish in Chicago. Well yeah and I think the the thing too about Matt Nagy. Is You know that he can design a good offense that can get guys open and so then all you have to do is deliver the football. There's also a lot of things that they do. Behind the line of scrimmage much like Andy Reid obviously Matt Nagy product of Andy Reid system. So when you have those kinds of things it also helps to confuse the defense on the other side. So I think all of these elements ad together especially with the strong defenses. Say Okay if a quarterback Derek Carr comes in there. You can see them taking the next step. And maybe that is part of what Derek Carr is doing. But also I think it's just I love Khalil. Mack that's my guy. And that's something that he said over the course of the season as well when they were going to play the short of it being his birthday or something like that a picture. Sorry but but how ironic would it be if he did go to Chicago and one in Chicago? In one of the coldest places to draw played well in November and December. I think Somebody would be getting the last laugh. Eddie soldier field which is one of the roughest turfs to play on. Unless you're familiar with it. So it's interesting to hear on this His brother David car eight Hashtag mega-powers so that Kinda ruins now like super twin powers activate. It's like one of those. Things really had mega all all the years. They play together not really bad football team. I know it is next birthday on February twenty-second and as we were twenty two days early. It's two days early early birth in Chicago. What about other teams? I mean. Obviously there's this picture there. It's two hours ago. He posted it. you know when you when you think about other teams in need a quarterback or with free agents situations like You Know Ryan Hills or if you look at the chargers in or is there another option right now that you think that other teams may up the ante when it comes to showing their interest for Derek Carr Well I think first of all I think one of the things. What are they also at other attractive things? I don't think it's Gonna. If the raiders are ready to move on and they feel like they found their answer. I don't think it's going to take a lot to get him. What would you think second round? Pick a third round third people. Were talking about a first round pick. That's not gonNA happen around. Pick would be ironies reasonably priced So you could see somewhat of a bidding war come about. That'd be great for the for the raiders. If that was the case but the Indianapolis Colts are another team. That I think are on the verge of being a really good football team. That need a consistent quarterback in the one thing I think Derek Carr can do like we mentioned about the bears. Get the ball to the weapons. Keep you in a safe position. Not Be sloppy with the ball. He's a capable quarterback he's proven that there's no doubt about it and you put him around a really good team like the colts are. The bears are good. Things can happen so I would say. The colts The bears I'm not feeling the chargers. Maybe the Tampa Bay buccaneers I think that the Tennessee. Titans you know Keep Ryan Tannehill. That would be the dish the smart move on their part out. See any reason why you move away from from him after what he did last year so those three teens would jump out at me not like I said not feeling. The chargers But Colts bears. And maybe the buccaneers. I think would be the ideal fit. Is this a dangerous position for the raiders to put themselves and because the rumors floating around right now is sixty million to Brady? I mean as a forty by place three-year-old quarterback. You don't see that happening. It's just so this is just not to do anything with the Brady talks to do with other team showing interest and I think. It's part of the raiders desire to get better at quarterback and then team sensing that and at least trying to find out what it might take to get their car if they're in a position to to want to add a quarterback on tap. Tom Brady. What I'm hearing is nothing is. You can't absolutely say nothing will or will not happen. Okay so there's wiggle room no matter what. Chang's can change but at least through the people that I'm talking to. It just seems unlikely that that's the fit that the Tom Brady. Raiders is a fit. It could happen. We'll have to wait and see but I think in there is. They WANNA get the quarterback for now and for the future. They're not in the business right now. Trying to create excitement and in their new home and sell tickets. They've already done that. They don't have to make any moves for that purpose everything that they need to everything that they're going to do. Moving forward is for the betterment of their football team. And that's it and I don't know chargers right. Yeah exactly do you have to possess right? So what do you think is the first quarterback domino that has to fall in order for all the rest of the stuff to start happening because I feel like there must be some type of effect like whether it's Brady whether it's somebody else I mean? We already now. No drew breezes is coming back. And he's going to resign with the saints. Is Tom Brady that first domino that has to fall for the rest of the stuff to really start moving. Probably but let's let's talk about this for a second who's really interested in Tom. Brady obviously the Patriots. I would say patriots chargers where else really does make football sense. Not of people have said to forty niners but I don't know that they're ready to move on from rape. Well I think if you you know for the same reasons in some ways that we would say Derek Carr works for the bears and for the colts. Those two teams might make sense for Tom Brady because they have ready made defenses. That are ready to compete so is Brady does Brady Domino to fall or is it? Somebody like Chambers Winston. Is it Teddy Bridgewater? I think that there's is it Ryan tannehill either resigning with the titans franchise him Dak. Prescott is another guy and we all expect that he's going to stick with Dallas but like will be on a long term deal will be on the on the tag. What do you think is the dominant? Probably Tom Brady I think that that's going to get wrapped up quicker than we think. I don't see that lingering Much longer maybe a couple of weeks maybe even next week if you get You know get put together. But the it's such a fascinating situation to me. Because I don't know if there's more teams that need quarterbacks or more quarterbacks that need places that need teams. And that's always that because if there's more quarterbacks than teams now you are as a team year in a way better position to be able to get a guy at a cost That that that is better for your overall salary. Cap Structure So guys like Teddy Bridgewater and Cam Newton and Jameis Winston. Where do they end up? What teams are out there clamoring for a quarterback right now that are going to meet their salary demands. I mean Jameis Winston. What's he going to get? How much money is he going to eat? He's in his is a franchise caliber quarterback. But there's no way he's GonNa get franchise caliber money. And so does that prolong the situation? Does he wait for that kind of situation to open up or does he take the best offer that he feels that? He's going to get so just so many quarterbacks and I'm not so sure there's a whole lot of teams that Are Enough Room for all those quarterbacks to fall someplace that are favorable for the players so another topic that we kind of went through. This week was miles. Had laid out the top five quarterbacks which refined ever ready discussed here on the show that You know the Raiders Mako. After and vinny you went on the linebacker and to discuss some of the guys. We've discussed a little bit about Cory Littleton. But in those four linebackers that you discussed as possible targets for the raiders. Who In that group? Do you feel like a side room littleton. Just because we've already kind of discussed him would make the best fit for this team while Corey would be. I think but Joe Shelbert from the from the Cleveland. Browns he's I don't think he's as quite as good as corey little Tim but he does a lot of the same things as a good tackler has a nose for the football is a tackling machine but also is an asset in pass coverage as we've talked about so many times the raiders primary defensive weakness was an inability for their by their linebackers to be able to stick with tight ends and running backs in pass coverage..

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Derek Carr, Raiders, Tom Brady discussed on Vegas Nation - Raiders Football

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