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At city hall in downtown LA where protests have taken place every day for the past week governor Newsom wants to end the practice of training police officers how to use a stranglehold that can block blood flow to the brain that has no place any longer when he first century justice and policing Newsome says he also wants new restrictions on techniques used by cops to control crowds such as tear gas and rubber bullets the governor says things cannot continue as normal please resist normalcy normalcy created the conditions that led to this moment the Minneapolis city council has approved plans to join Minnesota's ban on the use of chokehold by police city negotiators also agreed to require police to report an intervene anytime they see an unauthorized use of force by another officer the changes have come after Minnesota's department of human rights opened a civil rights investigation this week into George Floyd's death the CEO of a middle eastern food chain in Minneapolis has fired his daughter over racial slurs in social media posts the woman's under th T. age tweets include insults toward blacks Jewish and gay people as well as a bizarre comments about Hitler the company has already lost at least one shop please in response the woman's dad the CEO says the company was founded by immigrants and won't tolerate it the daughter has apologized the governor's executive order on covert nineteen workers comp has a business association in LA worried Dyck up president Stuart Waldman says there's a lot of places outside of work that an employee can catch the virus to put the burden on business that you presume then ploidy got sick at work and that the business has to pay for that is pretty ridiculous the order was put in place last month but Waldman says if the governor extends the order passed July small businesses may not be able to come back labor unions say the order protects workers from apple current virus cases in southern California you can check out our website KFI AM six forty dot com the key word is cove it let's go now to sell the latest crash on the one ten this one is along the northbound side reddit gauge it's involving a motorcycle is blocking the express lanes pushing the drive back getting away from the one oh five they're selling on the southbound side because everybody's got to check out the act okay I think we're actually going to take the Ellie chiefs press conference right now enjoy we will come back to that thank you we wait for cheating someone's survival dealing even for myself on a personal level we all recognize why we are here and why we're gathered the tragic and disturbing murder of Mr George floor prompted this in addition to the social injustice that can continue serving flick the black community with that being said and in his memory I want everyone to take the next eight minutes and forty six seconds to look around and find a few people you did not know before you got here introduce yourself engage in responsible conversation with open hearts and open minds and recognize the fact that we all have a lot more in common than we.

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