Bob Muller, Giuliani, President Trump discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer


And for bob muller what say you well i mean first of all i think dana's point that giuliani to hurt his key does have he is one of a relatively small number of people have a pre existing at least relationship with regionally on e with excuse me with bob muller and someone who the president trusts in his personal friends with the president so he meets the suit of nexus that there aren't that many there's not that many people in that concentric circle i think it's broadly consistent with what we've seen this president do whether it's in his cabinet whether it's in his staff whether it's with his legal team which is bringing people who he is friends with obviously the joseph degen of a thing did not come to pass but that was some of the motivation there he wants to be around people who are comfortable around him and who he's comfortable around i'm and i don't think you can begrudge him that giuliani i don't know how much giuliani's pasha relationship with muller matters at trump thinks it does clearly brings him in giuliani hopes it matters i don't know to jeff when i don't know that it bob most can say well we've got juliana i know him everything's gonna be fine but maybe it's a step in the right direction for for trump and giuliani was on the shortlist to become attorney general in the trump administration has clearly club issued a statement sabrina rudy is great he has been my friend for a long time wants to get this better quickly resolve for the good of the country what do you think.

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