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So skip ahead to molly. Didn't know what was wrong with her trouble. That started with an aching tooth. Her dentist had pulled it. But then the next two started hurting and also had to be extracted and the place of the missing teeth agonizing ultra sprouted as dark flowers blooming red and yellow with blood and pus seeped constantly and made her breath foul then she suffered aching pains in her limbs. That were so agonizing. They eventually left her unable to walk. The doctor thought it was rheumatism. And center home with aspirin got damaged. You're just hysterical. Remember the time. And i'm not done with. This is not been the rough part yet by may nineteen twenty. Two molly was desperate at that point. She lost most routine and the mysterious infection had spread her entire lower jaw the re her mouth and even some of the bones of her ears were said to be one. Large abscessed jaw. Worse was to come know when her dentist prada delicately at her jawbone in her mouth to his horror and shock at broke against his fingers quote not by an operation but by merely putting his fingers in her mouth and lifting it out. Oh no no nope days later. Her entire lower jaw was removed way. No nobody wants to be roger. Ebert at this is. This is long before You know just medically induced comas. No she was there screaming the whole time. Yeah aspirin right now in a cocaine back they to on they had heroin morphine and heroin that was admitted by bear before that. Oh my god well. Yes so while poor. Molly was suffering through this nightmare. Her former co workers began to experience similar symptoms but their teeth and jaws while others began to be afflicted with leg and back pain so intense it practically mobilized them charter for you to take a break. Make more dial right dentists and physicians throughout the area. We're seeing young. Otherwise healthy women whose teeth jaws were literally falling apart or who had swollen inflamed joints and acute pain with no discernible. 'cause The connection to their jobs was made for some time as many long actually worked at the factories because they pretty quickly got married and started families. You're a gradient woman literally and a lot of them were laid off when the war ended. So you didn't have that need for all that other stuff. So i'm so as doctors began to suspect an occupational 'cause many postulated phosphorus poisoning was the culprit with the thinking companies. Were using it and the paint secretly because of course radium. Certainly not the reason because let's safe. Well they knew phosphorus was bad because they'd been using it before and did they know it was radiation when there was death of them. Did i think probably the french. Because that's what they were dealing with here in. Our country are putting in our toothpaste and jock straps. Yeah we jesus birkin's and If the is good. Moore's better so Exposure to phosphorus as a matter of fact does have similar symptoms to radium poisoning and it was caused by the paint. So there on the right track. They were just thinking. The company was using phosphorus and not telling ingredient stated ingredient was the issue. Because that's so. Yeah so the doctors are kind of starting to get at least a general idea but meanwhile time had run out for poor molly mattia good for her final reminder. The jaw thing happened in may. And this is now september September twelve ninety. Four month this along four-month especially without a jaw an a melty face. This is another excerpt from the book. The strange infection that had plagued molly maja for less than a year spread to the tissues of her throat. The disease slowly eight. Its way through her jugular vein and at five pm on september twelfth. Nineteen twenty two. Her mouth was suddenly flooded with blood as she hemorrhaged so fast. Her nurse could not staunch it. Jesus she died at twenty four twenty four while miserably to yeah and use their own blood bath. God he took over a bit by then she also was jealous and she couldn't walk so by the point. That was a mercy. Yeah so more and more of the ghost girls began to fall ill. Many were close friends and maintain contact even after ending employment so it didn't take long for them to notice that something terrible is happening and that having worked as a dial painter was the common denominator as more of their friends. Second and died. The women's still healthy enough to do so petition. Their former employers state officials the department of labor anyone to investigate the use of the paint and it's health effects but sadly has these were women and mostly young and unmarried that little to nothing was done and they were mainly ignored adding to the indignity sued the absolute bafflement of what happened to her and believing she had lied when she said she was a good girl. Molly maggio's attending physician had ruled her cause of death as syphilis. What is known to take all your bones out Say it'll steal them in the night well the. Us arce used. This is proof. There was no work correlation. it's not radium. Now got a huge payoff. Yeah that's absurd even by yield definitions well and they also use it as a weapon. Whenever there was too much prying to slander. The girl i was like. Oh do you have syphilis to. Yeah they also hire their own quote unquote investigator. Who of course found nothing a mess at the factor isn't as hysterical. Women just need to calm down. Yeah they were just that state regulators hired by the people who stuff. They're regulating famously. On us so. Good news about the hysterics Shea is that they were short-lived. Yeah tech nearly two years for the area. Doctors and dentists finally began to talk with each other and compare notes and seeing an obvious correlation in early nineteen twenty four. They themselves began to petition those very same institutions that the women had been trying for but these were men doing it this time. Exactly guess what happened when dr men got involved ever. The problem went away by march of nineteen twenty four Yeah that sounds right. There was an independent investigation which was pretty much forced on the us. See another excerpt from the book quote unlike the company's on research into radium beneficient this study was independent and when the expert confirmed the leak between the radium and the women's. The president of the firm was outraged lugar instead of accepting the findings. He paid for new study published the opposite conclusion. Only god fake. News isn't as new as i thought it. Chicken just not real was remember. They weren't done with yellow journalism just yet now. It was yellow business. Actually we had always been say right. Business being didn't have any regulation back then. He also lied to the department of labor which had begun investigating about the verdict of the original report. What didn't they get it themselves. Well you trust for fella. Yeah he's white and rich well. There wasn't much government site either. So could they even have like the yeah so publicly. He denounced the women as quote trying to palm off their illnesses on the firm and decried their attempts to get some financial help for their mounting medical bills. Yeah that's last week. I mean god damn gold diggers radium bicker freedom. Diggers and so the women are practically back to square one. There's been an investigation but dick all came from it. Sure how high five with your melty face. The public still thought. Radio was the futuristic bee's knees. The company is controlled by solis. Monsters with more money than it should be legal and government oversight organizations all had their had their heads up their collective asses and their hands in the tilton more likely.

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