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There's usually a plaque in front of them and you know at least a Stencil who that judge is supposed to be here you've got some mystery woman who's just playing judges. You won't even say what her is. That's crazy. Police police, Blair. Rivera Albuquerque New Mexico, that that was a judge as you come to learn. Apparently. Apparently yeah. So coming up in New Hampshire this month, there's going to be the first trial and that will be happening in next week the first trial in five months roughly that they've had in the entire state is going to be happening here in Cheshire County. So all of the people who have waiting for trowels yeah. For who we're supposed to have had trials hundreds at four months ago hundreds of cases. How are they ever GonNa. CATCH UP I. Don't know they're going to get some deals I guess. Boy they're going to rush them through the justice system. But it hasn't been a rush so far. Okay WH-. What are you plead? Not guilty okay. Well if you plead guilty that's what out all. We're going to let you out of jail a week later anyways because of the Kobe nonsense, we don't want you get sick. Yeah. Anyway, if you enjoy the show head on over to FREETALKLIVE DOT com their archives back, they're going back more than ten years. One more time. That's freetalklive dot. com. Remember when you first heard about bitcoin. Long, did it take you to realize this little projects would soon change the world the you kind of wish you had gotten involved sooner well, now, a chance to be a part of the next revolution in money enter coin is working. So finally make crips they'll go mainstream it's designed to be scalable enough to support everyday payments in even elections without the state bitcoin was originally supposed to be appeared to peer cash system the way we will all pay one another without having..

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