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Mostly cloudy and mid 50s this morning partly sunny and a high near 70 today another warm one on tap especially if you're not sunshine out there and then tonight's slim chance of showers by midnight or so a low around 60 then tomorrow a small chance of showers and watch out possibly for severe afternoon thunderstorms on Thursday some of those storms could produce gusty winds with heavy rainfall partly sunny with the high near 80 though on Thursday 80° yes in spring in mid April It's WNYC at 5 46 This is morning edition from NPR news ami Martinez And I'm Leila faldon For the past decade a folk duo from Maine has been on a mission to find the long lost melodies of traditional songs that date back as far as the 17th century Keith Schroeder of Maine public radio spoke with the couple at their home in Maine's mid coast where they performed their own versions of some of the scratchy archived recordings they've uncovered in their research Julia lane says since the age of ten she's been on a quest to find the melodies to go with the well published written lyrics about love longing and the lure of the sea Very frustrating you know finding a great set of lyrics but no tunes So throughout my life I've been looking for books that would include the melodies Lane grew up and formed the folk group castle bay with her husband Fred About 20 years ago they started pouring over archives of audio field recordings made by curious folk music collectors in the 1930s and 40s That's where she found this 1941 recording of Oliver jeannette of York village Maine singing a tune called the dreadnought But on the way in the red city now Where does your.

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