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The end of this month? So if you've been procrastinating or you think you're not gonna win I would beg to challenge that and have you go kiss FM dot com, keyword bills and just get in on it on a whim like inner on a whim. Really good odds. If you think about it interesting to see what happens it'll be someone that entered on a whim that went. Yes. Lease in Santa Clarita. How're you doing? Hi, Ryan, Hinds Disney. Hi, patty. I could be better. What's wrong? Well, my daughter got invited to the prom about four weeks ago by this guy. Let's call him, Nick. That's not his real name. But Cohen and they've been friends for a while. Well, you know, of course, he after prom. She said, yes, obviously. And then she went and told all her friends, and you know, her friends were so excited. Everybody heard that she's going to promise you scored this date. Well after that. That's Ford where week later. She got uninvited to the prom and told that he's now dating somebody better, quote unquote, told well, yeah. And and then when she found out what had happened to you know, after she told all her friends, of course, one of the girls in the group circle of friends actually, peaked him out and asked him on a date. So what ended up happening is now they're dating and she literally got uninvited to the problem. I know I feel so bad for her because she really tried hard to be a good. Ted. She's a bully ambassador her school, which means she speaks out people to a better not having a good day or look like they're just being bullied and tries to befriend them and get them new friends or people she hopes on her free time to pass out to homeless families that are local in our local shelters. She also does care packages texture packages for servicemen overseas that are currently deployed. She just all around trying to be a good kid. So Howard handling this with her. For her because I just try and tell her, you know, it's okay, maybe you can go with friends this week or this this year because she is a junior spare come opportunity next year. But he's been really depressed lately and hoop in bad and crying. And she people mortified if she knew I was talking to you guys right now. But I felt like as a mom I had to do something. 'cause I just want her to catch a break wins the prom. Promise April thirteenth. Here's can I give you my take on this. Yeah. Here's where I am on. There's nothing we or you can say or near to make that feeling that immediate feeling go away because it just it's just crappy. You know, we've all been situation where we've been rejected or dumped or let down and cheated on. And so, you know, we we can say we can say all these things, but she's still going to feel like she feels right now for at least to get through this prom. My thought is why don't we pursued distraction with other great things that we can control. Right. So so I I'm thinking about like, I don't know what she likes. But I'm looking at some of the stuff that we've got going on here. And you can you know, tell you got these for me. But what if you all of a sudden stumbled onto Shawn Mendez tickets, or you know, stuff like that. I mean, oh my God. Oh, my God should be so excited. I think I think that we have to use other things outside of problem. We can't fix and this guy socks, and you can say look. But you can say all the things that you want to say, and when you're that young in your teenager, and you got to go to prom it still hurts. I know I'm just hoping I could get a date. Same thing happened to me when I was a senior in high school for Sadie Hawkins. It wasn't prom. But it was Sadie Hawkins where the girl asked the guy. I asked this guy who was my friend wasn't like a date day. But it was used as one of my guy friends, and he said, yes. And then a few weeks later. He basically started dating somebody else. Instead, I sorry. I just don't feel comfortable going with you anymore. And I was like heartbroken at the time. But then I ended up asking another guy who ended up being my boyfriend, and then it turned into no. But I'm just wondering like I mean, it's it sucked during that time period. But I got through it and then moved on. Let's get her shamanistic is she gets a date to that real fast. You'll be excited. All right. So it's distraction and excitement with something. Like this that will put her in the right mood. Okay. Okay. Thank you so much note. You are the greatest mom for caring so much. I love thanks for listening. All right. Okay. What daughter she's raising who does all those things outside of school. Impressive. I'm like going raise your hand. If you feel inadequate hands up. Yeah. We're paying a Bill in the three one. Oh.

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