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All right. Cheers. Cheers to you. Captain now staying on the thought that the possibility of the murder being known to our victim Holly Branagan we have to go into a slightly different theory. Okay. This is someone still known to her, but somebody much different than George Wilson. And for this we need to introduce a guy named David l. tring him. Okay. He was a little bit older than Holly everything I could find. It seems like David was the same age as her older brother Sean, and that the two of them had actually been friends or at least friendly with one another. Okay. And I've also been told that the l. touring him family was friends with the Branagan's or at least again knew each other and we're friendly, right? So Sydney l. tring ham is David's father. He was a professor at north Hampton college, so a professional man, but a guy. With a bad reputation, none the less and we'll get into that according to police. Holly was sexually active three days prior to her murder. The autopsy showed this. I'm not really sure how they come up with that that she was sexually active three days prior to her murder. But that's the information that I've found out there. All right. So where you going with this? Well, under this theory in the days before her murder, Holly had told a few people that she was pregnant. Now, the top see showed that she was not pregnant, but right it we have a couple of different situations here. One, she could have just been saying that or two. She may have had sex with somebody in thought that there was a possibility that she was pregnant or going to be pregnant. Right? And let's keep in check that she's a to the junior in high school. So word of this under this theory, word of this started getting. Around and it seems that she was sleeping with David l. during ham k. lately, this is the David's the same age as brother, right? A little bit older than her and may have been friends with her brother Sean. At one point, they may not have been officially dating, but according to this theory, the two of them had some type of relationship together. The following is a mix of facts, police theory and testimony from the people hollyhead spoken to before her murder, and I'm going to kind of take you through how this theory works out minute by minute on the night that she was killed, Holly and her friends plan to go get pizza. That's a fact we know that that was going to happen at six PM Holly is on the phone with a friend between four thirty PM and five PM during this call the doorbell rings Holly then implicates to her friend who is at the door and tells her. She'll be back. She'll call back by that. What I mean is one of the following either Holly literally says the name of the person she thinks is at the door or is at the door right? Or says something along the lines of it's him or there's a man at the door, right? This could either imply that it was someone she was expecting or imply that Holly knew who it was from something as simple as recognizing a car, possibly outside of her home. Law enforcement has never announced publicly who she said or who she believed was at the door. However, there are statements captain out there. That law enforcement seems to believe that there was that. She said something that implicated that there was a man at the door that the person at the door was male. Right? So the initial report that we said was when she's on the phone with her, she. Said someone's at the door, but but we have reasonably that there was more information given correlate. You're saving correct. There was one statement that was given to the public and another statement that was given or kept by police in law rise out and make sense. Oh, because if that's a very strong lead than you don't wanna show your hand..

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