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Houston or Illinois, although I won't rule jelly walker and UAB out. Well, I don't know, man. Houston COVID stamps. And I hear what you're saying, but I still call them Samsung made fun of four year ago. Illinois and the four line and they seem played each other earlier this year and Arizona, Illinois. I have some tournament history. I don't know. I think that we have some work cut out for them. We've got to see how healthy Kirk creases too, that's a factor. Sure. I think the latest reporting is they hope he will be available for the NCAA tournament, but hopes a long way from. I'm certain he'll be available. That is a factor, although they just won the pec to have tournament. Beat you to LA without him. But Houston, anybody who lets this podcast knows how much I respect Kelvin Sampson. I think he's one of the best 5 to ten coaches in college basketball. In terms of just give him a roster and he'll make it good. But like he lost two players in December and, you know, I think that started to show up as the AAC schedule unfolded to get a beat twice by Memphis. They did then beat Memphis in the American title game. So that was impressive. I just think that they're going to ultimately be a player short somewhere along the way. Like I would be more, I would be more surprised by Houston beating Arizona, eliminating Arizona. I'd be more surprised by that than I would be UAB upsetting Houston. I feel like I feel like Houston losing the UAB might be a bit trendy. I like Houston there. Very fun region. I love this corner of the bracket there on the bottom half. We talked about Tennessee plenty of Colorado state Michigan is your first tip at 1215 on Thursday on CBS when we get to the first round proper. So that's going to be what everyone was tuning into to start. And I'm sure Michigan is going to have to be picked plenty in that. Colorado state is just a more dependable team, although that's a contrast and big, so you got David roddy, small ball 5 does everything against hunter Dickinson. Those are those are two players designated centers that don't look the same and don't do the same stuff. So I love that match up there. How about Chris holtman man? He's a 7 seed and he's got a face. He's got a face Loyola loyal the lines were obviously not out when the bracket got revealed. I said it on HD loyal is going to be a favorite in that game and sure and lo and behold it is. It was 1.5 when I went off the air. I don't know if that line is going to move by the time people listen to this on Monday or not. But that's a case where I don't have an issue with oil on the ten line. There's one thing for what you did on your resume versus what you were on the metrics that we listen. We caved up for loyal Chicago last season. We said it was unseated. I'm fine with it being attend this year. It's just a bad break for Ohio State. You know, you lose as a year ago, you want at least get a win and kind of a tone for that. Now you go up against, frankly, just a really, really tough match up there. So we'll see, you know, how they still banged up. It doesn't have a full roster available. But I believe it will be in a better spot by the time it's got to play that game. And then yeah, novella or nova has a two there, no huge issue with me overall. I could see Arizona, Villanova, Tennessee, Illinois, getting out of this. I could see any of the top four being the representative about a south when I get to New Orleans. How about this at the end of our bracket breakdown show tonight? You know, final block CBS Sports Network. I think there were 6 analysts, me, Wally Serbia, Pete gillen, Chris walker, Sheldon Mack John rothstein. And, you know, it's just, you know, we got 90 seconds left and bridged over and Adam Zucker, TS up on, picked the win the national championship. Four of the 6 said Arizona, two trendy. It's getting too trendy, my man. It's getting too trappy. I think in zaga, Chris walker said, Kentucky. And or shelvin Mack said Kentucky. And I believe everybody else said Arizona. So, you know, take it for what it's worth. This region's tough, man. You've got the PAC 12 tournament, impact 12 outright champion in Arizona. You got the AAC, regular season champ, and tournament champ in Houston. You've got the SEC tournament champ in Tennessee and the biggies tournament champ in Villanova. So four of the top 7 or 8 conferences in the country, their tournament champions are in this region. Feels noisy to me. It feels like a noisy one. Let's go down to the Midwest. Kansas is the number one seed. Auburn is the number two C, Wisconsin is the three Providence is the four, and you mentioned that you thought Murray state San Francisco was the must watch game of around a.

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