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University chicago where he was enrolled and had no money very little money and he was stealing food and and nichols was working i believe it was at the it was at the cafeteria are one of the local restaurants on campus where sills was working and sills caught him stealing food that's one of the great stories in this book i think personally nichols are not a lotta people know that he was a refugee and he got out of berlin just in time and came to america terrified balding angry young genius and didn't know what he was going to do with his life for studying theater or do you have an interest in combat he had us now he he didn't have an interest in comedy he had an interest in psychology and and sort of and aficionados interest in theater but but theater for him was never the goal certainly never to be a film director director of any kind but it was only in through improvisation and meeting elaine that he discovered not only that he was a theatre director but that he was a jew which he had been hiding from his whole life elaine brought that out how did he made alignment elaine was famous on campus for being extraordinary in every way you say campus university of should university of chicago and one of the ways elaine was extraordinary was that she never actually enrolled at the university of chicago cargo she was just a ghostly presence who had who had turn up into different classes at one famous symposium she convinced she convinced professor that plato was drunk and during one of his symposiums i shouldn't say i should say uh and then promptly disappeared from class so elaine was famous on campus and.

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