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Hammer. Rob Kendall, filling in Or big Nige. Tom Hanks is 64 years old Tom Hanks is 64. Now I'm dating myself. I am aware of this, but I remember being a young child watching bosom buddies on syndicated reruns, Channel four. Back then. W T TV when they weren't bringing you, Cowboy, Bob and Janey and Sanitary. They had all these old shows. And one of them was bosom buddies. Hot. Take your hammer, The best. Tom Hanks movie Big Big, Really, That's the best one. I mean, he's acting like a little kid is a grown ass man. That's pretty. It's a great movie. It is a good film. I enjoyed the movie big. It's got a lot of stuff I like Now the older Tom Hanks gets the more he Gets into politics, right? And this is kind of what happened to David Letterman for me. I grew up watching Letterman Light night. That's why I wanted to get into broadcasting. It's why I went to ball state. I wanted to be Dave Letterman doing wacky bits, right? How many guys in a bear suit? Can you fit into a diner now throwing stuff off the balcony? Things like that. But the older he got, he got so surly. Politically, he became unlikable. Why do so many of these guys become liberal? Surely they can't all feel that way. It's going to be pressure right of the people around them to be hip and cool and liked and fit in. Well, you know what? You can still be liberal, but entertain me right? George Carlin was a super lib. But I will maintain he's my favorite. Stand up comedian of all time so inappropriate, very politically incorrect. I disagreed with his philosophies. But I found myself laughing and be entertained, said they were Bill Maher. Sometimes I disagree with the majority of things that come out of Bill Maher's mouth, but he's entertaining. This is what you don't get with, like, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo and folks like that. Yeah. You're an interesting study to me Hammer for many reasons, but in this case you are not a protest guy like I stopped going Bruce Springsteen concerts for a couple of years because he got super political. Then he stopped and I went back again. But you are a guy that really can put up with all the bull crap just seems like a lot of work to Mae like, you know, I don't mind it long as it's not interfering with me. Like we said the other day, I'll let you protest in front of me and do all that kind of stuff. But you try to jump in my car. We're going to have a problem. Yeah, but I confined enough things that drive me crazy for free on the Internet. I'm not going to pay and take up a day to go See it. Well, no, I wouldn't take a day to go see it either. I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying, if I'm leaving Monument Circle, I'm not going to be the guy that complains about this or that or whatever. Just get out of my way. Please don't block the street and let me go home and drink. That's all that I'm asking. I'm a simple man Rob, also celebrating a birthday today. 73 years of age. O. J. Simpson. Wow, The juice is loose, baby 73 years of age. Now what we do here at the Hammer, Nigel show from time to time We look at O. J. Simpson's Twitter account because he has an account. Now he does not have a blue checkmark and you do we do. He's not verified, but we are. It was a race to see who was going to get it first there for a while on then we have some of our new staff members read those responses. So this was a posted O. J put on Twitter. Ah, little while back. He was talking about all the lessons that his mom taught him growing up and here to read some of the responses to that tweet is our very own Stan Leer. At Greg Price. 11. My mother told me that knives were solely for the purpose ofthe cutting food at Cameron Caskey. My mom told me not to kill anyone. And I think her every day for her wise words at crock in balls crazy. She should have just said Don't kill people. Fake Philly fan. O. J. My wife left her sunglasses at a restaurant. Should someone bring them to her? Or should I kill her, and those are actual responses to an actual tweet? I'm the birthday boy. O J. Simpson. God, Stanley Rous Green, isn't he the best Just the best. Alright, everybody, we'll be back tomorrow. Three o'clock for a beer sample Friday..

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