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Harrison Bader in the on deck circle. I mean, right outside the dirt area around home plate, throw to first and lunging back in safely. His carpenter. That's an awkward as a base runner. I mean, it was a little bit of a shuffle and Back standing up. What clothes and I don't think Matt Carpenter was expected at all Zach Davies to be paying any attention to him. Almost got picked off. Pitch. Foul that's back to our right out of play into and out of the top dead babies about to throw pitch number 25 at this pace. Pitch into the fourth inning. One of the things with Zach Davies that's been challenging for David Ross. Is he struggles third time through the order one of those guys heavy third time through the order penalty to to Out off the plate, and Molina continues to hang in there. It's a funny thing, right? We for the longest time we talked about pitch counts. And now we're at a place where even the pitch count isn't quite As important as where you are in the order in the lineup. And then how you're pitching, right? Because if you've been so, so, and you're through 70 pitches and the third time through the orders coming, you're out of the game. Really? To to outside and now it's filled up quite a battle between these two. That's 26 pitches thrown by Zach Davies, 13 balls and 13 strikes book to your point. You also take those factors when you're talking about a national league team as well. But I love is what's the score? Where you at? I mean, there's so many more little variables that can get factored into Pulling a picture or trying to keep him in there just a little bit longer. Yeah, O Neill, the runner at third Carpenter at first the Cardinals have struck first. They lead one. Nothing 32 on Molina..

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