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Nyein Williamson pretty much a guaranteed the number one, pick in tonight's draft. If wants to keep his job, and not head back to NBA, TV, Shannon. When you look at this young man's future, do you see him becoming a superstar astore or just a starter say, as I am with a little bit book, Pippi Lou mobile about this ill day? Skip. I know you're going to be upset, but I'm sorry. I see him as a star. Like in the middle somewhere. Yes, I think you'll be a good player skip. He's getting. Vince I followed the NBA, and I go back to magic magic rookie year coming forward that's been forty years skill. Only two people have gone, this kind of attention that I can recall Magic Johnson. Lebron James and Zion Williamson. Skip, I do not see him as those guys do I think he can be good. Yes. But I don't see that. I'm sorry. The outside shot is a set shot. It works if he's wide open. I mean everybody keeps telling me that Ben Simmons is going to develop a shot. I haven't seen it yet. Microcosm away was supposed to develop one of those Michael Kim grill, Kurds. Now I'm not saying they're talented Zion, but developing shot is not as easily. Oh, just develop that that was the case he to build he'd be you pull owns. But that's not what he is. So just keep the paint. I just don't see superstars give do I believe he could be an all star. Yeah. He could be an all stock. But that saying much rookie. I don't know if you'll be an all star his rookie year. I went back and checked it out. Since two thousand they've only been two guys to make the all star team rookies Blake Griffin was not one of Blake Griffin but that's an assery because he was drafted in no nine he didn't play any made it in twenty ten in y'all mean. Okay. In one country, they have a quarter of the population of the world. Let's just say they may have stuff the about. I'm not saying that's what happened. There's a possibility. So for me skip, yes. He's gonna have some highlight reel, dunks. He'll probably block a shot like LeBron data in game seven of the NBA finals. He would do things that will grab your attention, but to be when I'm thinking with the high this kid has, yeah. He's gotta be Magic Johnson. He has to be LeBron James because that's the caliber attention to kinda height is surrounding him. Yet you can't compare into magic as a basketball player and you certainly can't compare him to LeBron as a basketball player. His skill set. Which is why I can't compare him to anybody. I have been covering this game as you know, since the mid nineteen seventies. When I covered the Lakers pre Magic Johnson..

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