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5 bomb show Peter burns and for mister Paul finebaum and by the way, I've got to declare myself the idiot that I am. I earlier had said Freddie roach and Brent key and my wife texted me and she goes you idiot has Doug marrone in the offensive line. So very impressive that my wife would call me out early and now you know I already did a die hard Alabama crimson tide fan. All right, let's talk a little LSU football on the other side. T bob aber joining me right now. Team bob just who's actually got a better outfit today is that your Christmas sweater are my Jacob Hester 1999 prom frosted tips, sure. What do you think? I mean, look, frosted tips is a Trump card that and as much as I love this sweater, I don't even know if I can compete at the frozen dips, but you may see the snowflakes, but check this out. Oh, a little Star Wars the death star, the French run. I got the imperials here, the alliance here, let's ride dude. It's that time of year, bro. The alliance, I didn't even see the Big Ten or the ACC or the PAC 12 logo there. That's impressive, my friend. All right, has anybody else within the last 5 minutes transferred out of vela shoe? We saw the news that max Johnson, late yesterday and some other players, what's happening? It's not great PB, but I do think that this is a byproduct of true regime change, right? And that's where this gets interesting for LSU is that you really have to go back to and Nick Saban arrived in the year 2000 to find true regime change. So here locally, this feels very odd because when you went from saving to miles, you kept a lot of connective tissue because Saban didn't get fired. It wasn't broken. It was rolling right along. He got a promotion. He went to the NFL. When you went from miles to oge Ron, you kept almost everything. You really, in that case, just needed a change at the head. You just needed a CEO change. What Brian Kelly has taken over is something more chaotic, more broken and more in need of sweeping change. It's all I've been talking about it for weeks. This attrition that you're seeing now is not unexpected. And we said it. It's going to hurt. There is still probably more on the way, but you made this move. Knowing this attrition would come in order to be better in the long term. Yeah, see bob, it feels like hey, you know, he bought a house and an unbelievable neighborhood. He looked at it and he's like, well, you know what? The bones of this house are great, but we are revamping everything. We're going to have the knock down some walls and that's what they're doing right now. But the thing that I didn't understand though, max Johnson was a starter. By all accounts, it felt like he had told Brian Kelly, hey, listen, I'm good. I'll be here. And then all of a sudden, something's changed. I don't understand the timing of that before. It offensive coordinator was named unless names have been floated out there in the Johnson family said, nah, that's just not going to be a good fit. I mean, it's potentially that it might not even be that complicated though, right? It could be a situation where sure early on max was like, yeah, I'm in, I'm in, right? And then he starts to think about it more, some new hires get made, maybe like a Tommy moff at least. I mean, let's really take a step back and look at max's two years at LSU. I use the word chaos earlier. And what a tumultuous time. It has been for max Johnson. I mean, I'm talking about constant turnover of coaches. I'm talking about 500 football two years in a row, which is almost unheard of at LSU. I'm talking about negative fan noise, negative media coverage constantly, right? Because nothing angers a fanbase more than where you land in relation to expectations. And 500 football two years following national championship is very far below. So it's been toxic and he's been centered unfairly a lot of times at the center of that toxicity. So I kind of get it, man. Everybody else is hitting the change of pace. Everybody else is getting new scenery. Like, I don't think it's too hard to understand why max wants to leave. Unfortunately, I also don't think that there is any way of spinning this into being a positive at all for LSU. Yeah, I mean, listen, no one's going to want to replace Nick Saban the legend after that. That's going to be tough. No one's going to want to replace Paul fine bump from this chair because of the legend that he's become as well. And it's tough to replace the legend of Joe burrow. And unfortunately, max Johnson had that opportunity. And miles burn into a certain extent and it has struggled a little bit. How about some positive? The hiring of Frank Wilson, I saw Leonard fournette. I saw everybody. Jacob Hester, talking about, hey, they went and got that guy. Clyde Edwards a layer was talking about going, oh, lord, they end up gotten Frank. What does Frank mill Wilson mean to this program and how can that help Brian Kelly? I mean, he means everything, right? A good leader will always look to supplement his weaknesses to shore up his weaknesses. Well, what did everybody say with Brian Kelly was higher? How would the Fitbit? Would he fit in? Does he know Louisiana? You know who fits in? You know who knows Louisiana inside and out? Who has connections that run deeper? I mean, the saint all grad. Frank Wilson. And not only does he know the entire state, but he specifically knows New Orleans, right? In the West Bank. And you have to be able to succeed all over Louisiana, but you especially have to be able to succeed in New Orleans if you want to be the LSU head football coach. And there's reason why a guy like tyron came out and was so glowing in the hiring of Frank. And that's because Frank Wilson is the only reason why Tyra Matthew even ended up at LSU. He had to beg less miles to take this one star cat, tyron Matthews. So not only will he get you the big names, but he can find these diamonds in the rough and most importantly he opened doors that would have been closed to Brian Kelly. Otherwise, and he closes doors that people like Nebraska and hiring Mickey Joseph, especially Florida high range of bar. Like it is a direct refutation of those hires in bringing Frank Wilson and you can already see the New Orleans recruiting team heating up a bit. Yeah, Jarvis Landry Devin white, those guys, and part of the reason why Nick Saban had it so good is that he wasn't letting those guys out. You've seen Dylan Moses and devonta Smith and some of those guys go back in Louisiana and poor guys out. Maybe that's not the case with Frank Wilson over there at the helm with recruiting. All right, let's spend this big picture now. SEC championship, we saw it went down, are you pulling for a Georgia Alabama rematch or something completely.

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