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The end of the film you give love and at all comes back to you now on it's like again a labor like them up movie like him at otter like the muppet christmas carol which is i think maybe my best work on film it's wonderful it's it's it's just an amazing movie and michael caine is creighton and the fact that they cut out this the song that is the most kita story and plot of any song ever written for movie you know the song i'm talking about called when love is gone when the angel takes him back you know the ghost of christmas past and he sees himself as a young man and you know and bill saying to him you know this is i'm sorry i've been waiting for abe and waiting for you and it just you know it's and you say next year next year it's not gonna work i can't keep doing this you know and and michael cain says angel please don't let me watch this and then she sings it was a time when i was sure that you and i were truly one that our future was forever would never come undone and we came so close to be in close and though you care for me this distance in your eyes tonight so we're not meant to be the little go on the love is gone the sweetest dream that we've ever known the love is gone the love is gone i be joe bid you will but fear mindless leave you know alone the the and i have to do this i there comes a moment in your life like a window and you see your future before you end help perfect it.

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