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I worked on, these boats at the water yard at Messina, and once he put the, motorboats into action he found them severely lacking because of their construction and and had to spend in an ordinance amount of time frankly is constantly reinforcing the construction of these boats while they were. Actually at sea as opposed to. Being able to dry dock them I mentioned that George Davis at Tunis told Prebble you have to. Establish our national character meaning you've got to be. Dreadful that the Barbary shore Prebble's, aware of this and his aggression now comes through but there's something, on his mind as well which is that, back home they've learned of the capture Of Philadelphia though, not, necessarily the burning of Philadelphia because they took many months for messages to get back congress acted immediately to send out a larger squadron are. Are larger frigates to help Prebble but that's a problem for. Preval wide chap well that's your problem because he finds out that Samuel. Baron a captain senior to him on the navy list is commanding this. Force and that means at once barren arrived, he will take command of all the boats in the Mediterranean put it into one big squadrons and lose command, of, his squadron so Prebble although he has a problem to solve which is AAA with a limited amount of firepower he only has. One frigate he could've used Philadelphia but that's been destroyed he knows that he has such and such a period of time before the squad the new squadron arise from America and all of his plans, are for naught he's then a junior officer, to baron so that press, is mind August third now The gunboats have arrived. From the Neapolitans the mortar boats have arrived constitution is offshore the smaller, vessels Nautilus and ARGUS and siren and, what have I left out cheddar prize enterprise enterprise and vixen, are to accompany the gunboats as they approach this is chip when. I read this I think that this is where, we step right into fiction Prebble has imagined an. Assault with junior officers leading. Gun boats that's everything, a junior officer in. The navy would always enjoy no matter what period of time when you're in the. Navy to be given the command of a small boat that's going into action. Hand to hand with with the pirate. King has to be the. Dreams. For boys Absolutely you're talking about.

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