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This draft class and sort of we all know what the Patriots draft history is at the position. Hasn't been good. And then again, I don't know any of these kids, 'cause I don't get to interview them. Obviously George pickens was there, but George didn't supposedly as issues. I thought George pickens, by the way, was the best receiver on tape in this draft. That was my point of view. I thought pickens was one and Jameson Williams was two, I actually thought Johann dotson could have been pretty close to that as well. But taekwon Thornton, to me, I will echo what you said because I watched him in great detail, as you can see by my evaluation. I mean, that's pretty detailed as you can see, Greg. So, and as I said, I didn't know much about him at all. And I thought that he had an 8 yard touchdown versus Oklahoma in the red zone on a fade route where he defeated press man really cleanly with an inside stick and it's funny. I remember seeing the same play by another receiver who went high and now I can't remember who it was and people raved about, oh, he's such a great route runner. But Thornton did the exact same thing, but because Greg he was not thought of that way. The narrative Thornton was in part of anyone's narrative. So no one said anything about him. But I thought the tape said all you need to know. Yeah, and look, I've known you for years. I know the way you operate, so I'm not going to ask you, which of these guys is going to have the more successful career, because you and I both know it all depends on scheme coaches, quarterback, all this other stuff. But just there was a whole group of receivers taken there. Thornton pickens, Alec pierce. I love Alec pierce guy Morris. As well. Yeah, I mean, I really liked Alec pierce. I was in the minority. I thought Alec Pearson Drake London were very similar. Now Drake lunden won 8. I loved Alec pierce. You know, I saw a comm for Alec pierce after I did him, which I didn't think of, but I thought it was a very interesting one. And the comp was Jordy Nelson. And I think I loved Alex pierce on tape. Again, you know me well enough to know everything I say is based on watching tape and could be wrong. But like you said, there's going to be ten variables that we don't know about as we're speaking today. Absolutely. Third round, they took Marcus Jones 5 foot 8 quarterback out of Houston. I love the kid baller returner. Why would you think of him? Love the kid. You know, I know Bill doesn't play a lot of cover too. And who knows, you know, I mean, every year is different with coach Belichick. Obviously, you know, he could totally change because he may not feel like he has great man.

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