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It's beta site as of about two weeks ago. He was the wealthiest man on the planet. so he's he's obviously done a few things right now during the week. This is las week He put out these little. Didn't he He put out his cryptic tweet. Now the tweet just said the top left there on the screen for those who are watching us signals. Now i wanna people have gone. This is a beautiful teeth. So they've found his company code signal advance and everyone just started buying shaving signal advance and a correction after you can see the little little Yeah triangle he and basically this is and this is really happened. The the share price went up. Eleven thousand seven hundred eight percent in three days of the back of that single tweet from alignment so it's market value. Went from fifty five million to seeks billion dollars in three days. And unfortunately he's looking at that. You're telling me that one shape or more reckoning of that is that was at about ten bucks and it went to forty dollars a share but before that it wasn't even then it was literally danny. The bottom here was with the whole senses and Point three cents to fifty two and it went up to forty bucks in three die so now unfortunately it turns out that some musket absolutely nothing to do that he was just referring to something completely separate so had nothing to do with that company and ask fit say you could see the plummet air on the graph just jumped off it domesticated enough shades or nothing eating ball and none of that. Nothing nothing to do with it. Yeah pretty amazing. Isn't it so the power of elon musk. The bizarre news segment and well august came across. These amaze me george monaco. You remember george. Markle from william exactly fantastic. Seeing osco had some absolutely correct. But guess what george. Marco wasn't his real name. And we we. We uncovered the george marco actually telling him what he's real name. Was you have to hear the audio to because there's no way could actually pronounce of it. He's the actual footage at With fans obviously guys back a wall as you'll see in the footage but you should be out of your no problem. George film offers. I would like to try one day. But i think i'm going to wait until people are not so concerned about seeing george michael and also until people stop offering me lousy parts. Lame which is what my real name. Somebody told me you were going to try and say this. But i believe them because my my real name is euro skiavo.

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