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Thanks for listening to this special toronto international film festival edition of the bilateral nurse podcast my name is jamie on your toes very excited to sit down here with filmmaker tracy heather strain she is the documentary filmmaker behind the rule rain hands very story cold cited eyes feeling heart tracy's thank you so much for being on our show thank you so much for having me i'm really excited to talk to you we are excited to talk to you as well i just got through watching the film and the title of this film comes from lorraine anne ratings so what was it about the quote from her work which led you to select cited eyes feeling heart as dishes title of first of all the quote is one cannot live with cited eyes and feeling heart and not know or and react to the miseries that afflict this world and i picked that after trying making a law time about different titles what is our film about and we decided that this foam is about an artist activist and i thought that cited eyes fuelling heart captured what motivated lorraine she saw things she fell things and then she acted and in her case she tried to use words to it to change society yeah i saw a like a lot of her writings throughout the documentary is narrated by me euros actually the documentary is narrated by latania richardson jackson okay and they can only rose is the voice of lorraine hands furry okay thank you for that clarification okay so what major decide to tell such an intimate story about the reins life i saw two young gifted in black the at a that the hearse for community theater when i was at seventeen and two yet to be young gifted in black is a.

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