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Models dot com down forty five Caterpillar and Boeing each down three Disney Dow two. And a. Half that's on numbers Chevron was, down a stick three down a, stick on the upside the, United health McDonald's was up almost, three on the fact that sales keep going down every, quarter I don't know. What's going on. There I I haven't been to McDonald's and forever they do upgrade French fries though I. Like the Burger King hamburgers better But McDonald's and in college I. Used to live off with chicken mcnuggets Seriously every night I had chicken mcnuggets In college They lived off, me up but of note a lot, of jello moving on the plate Where. Do I start in the, aftermarket a booking holdings the old Priceline, down thirty five bucks Suits. Down seventy for the day but keep in mind that's a two hundred dollar stock down. Seven so not the not the end, of the world, that that's just the aftermarket, booking holdings But on the upside match dot com Interactive match dotcom zone by interactive by certain whatever match dot com is up almost seven to forty five. ICS directive up twelve to one sixty seven in OGSM was up sixteen on. Orbiting Zion g? And check it out what is that see or g that's the car gurus big gap up. Today came public about ten. Months, ago. Sixteen is now. Fifty three well good. A good numbers valuations are a joke it's, trading it about three hundred times earnings but you know bubbles are good cyber up seven that c. y. b. r.. To sixty nine bucks, Michael Kors up foreign changed the seventy So there was some decent earnings movers today we'll go through some of the losers. In a little bit But there's. Enough, going on but, I will say that we may start getting into. These lazy hazy days of summer notwithstanding tesla moving things. Which by the way was down nine op. Surprise it wasn't down twenty nine to be honest with you I really am surprised was down twenty nine Quite amazing What's going. On there and I gather wearing the first chapter of a little bit of a. Story, here, they he's, he's gonna. Come clean other movers Well I'll get into. The movers in a second of note is I'm, looking around just not a lot happened, today semiconductors a little bit, a, bit and, a few names the world markets got hit Russia had you know we put. On some sanctions on them got hit the emerging markets lobbies world markets just the. Not, up, to snuff, compared to. Us still Still and said. Somebody asked the bitcoins now heading, again to the downside. If you look at g. BTC that looks gross and it better not break eight and, a quarter and I'm just, giving, you the, g. BTC which is just a bitcoin market price ETF Slash whatever Have? I repeat I hope you guys, listened I really do Because there was a lot of money. To be lost you, do. Know that right A lot. Of money to be lost Movers a day, let's go. Through Amazon up twenty four no news Well care health up. Lebanon came out with our innings few, days ago AAA up nine Stopgaps up on earnings gaps down on a bunch of, people getting sick got more in the news today about a bunch of, people get sick but went to a. New high today so that tells you some. Dominos up nine, and of course that is an. Outcome of Papa John's not, doing so well Mentioned who was credit acceptance up eight good. Reaction to earnings, about four days ago now settling. In a bio RAD labs I to make, sure I, got this right before I? Tell you finished up seven today but at one time today was thirty something yeah was Yikes Well that would not be. Good At all As mentioned cyber match. Dot com Albermarle say that ten times fast It's, like putting marshmallows in, your mouth and saying something up almost six five, or more Google but that.

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