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Pat, Boone hip for the folks at swissamerica rock solid foundations are violent life and business and finance because in the end only what we've built on a firm foundation will withstand the storms of life today. Economic storms are raging in the foundations of everything being tested. The world economy has never looked shakier and gold, the world's oldest and most trusted form of money is also grabbing headlines now is the time to put your future on a rock solid foundation. Swissamerica will help you create an indestructible asset today. Discover the timeless truth about gold and silver that calling swissamerica or visiting online swissamerica dot com. Eight hundred nine seven eight three nine eight eight hundred nine seven eight three nine oh. Eight eight hundred nine seven eight three nine eight once again, that's eight hundred nine. Seven eight thirty nine eight. This is John McCall. I'm really excited about Online Trading Academy, and what they can do for you. If you qualify. OTA's a brick and mortar school with forty campuses around the world, Charlotte, Dallas Singapore and Detroit to name a few and they're twenty first year providing market knowledge, you can use their core strategy has US patent and their instructors professional traders who make their living in the markets where they're going up or down. They teach that market transactions usually involve the transfer of on from a person who doesn't know to a person who does OT as goal is to teach you to maximize the occasions where you are the one who knows they also teach that buying whole mathematically unwise strategy because there are only three.

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